This 2013 policy synopsis is included in this document.
Note this document contains older information pertaining to management  group and Board Members.

Dayre Lias, President HFPOA, March 8, 2013
September 2014 updated Policies –This document is the most current and accurate
Enforcement Policy



The Board of Directors developed this policy because of the demand from home owners. However, a homeowner can lose the privilege of having a yard/garage sale if the following rules are not followed.

  1. Home owners are allowed one yard/garage sale per year.
  2. Sale will be for one day 9a.m. to 3p.m.
  3. One person must attend the front entrance during the full time of yard sale. DO NOT GIVE OUT A GATE CODE.
  4. Person at gate will open gate for customers, hand out a map showing directions to sale. Map sheet should state that cars can only park on one side of the street. A person should be assigned to assure customers are following this parking rule. Also on the map, it should state “Speed Limit 15MPH, watch for children playing.”
  5. Contact Management Company at least one week in advance, so Board of Directors can be notified and posting of sale can be placed on website and Facebook
  6. If you are using all of your garage and driveway for the sale and need a place to park your vehicles, contact management company for a parking permit to park in pool parking lot. No parking on the street over night for safety reasons.
  7.  One sign is allowed at front entrance and on one side of front yard of the home having the sale. No other signs allowed