HFPOA Minutes Jan. 29, 2015


  1. Meeting Called to order at 6:00 P.M, Roll Call.

Dayre Lias called the meeting to order at 6:00 P.M.The following Board Members were present: Dayre Lias, Jeff Martin, Kim Brungraber and Shawn McLaughlin.  Shawn Millard of Perdido Sand Realty, Inc. and Curtis Jones with the ARC were also present.

  1. Proof of Notice

Dayre Lias stated proof of notice was provided on the bulletin board at the pool gazebo and a sign was placed at the entrance to the community. The website was not able to upload the agenda prior to the meeting.

  1. Agenda Consent and Reorder

Dayre Lias stated items F (Vehicle Decals) and G (Tree Maintenance) were added to the agenda.

  1. Approval of Minutes

Kim Brungraber made a motion to approve the meeting minutes from September 24, 2014 and the December 4, 2014 board meetings and the minutes from the December 4, 2014 annual meeting. Collins Case seconded the motion. With all in favor, the motion passed.

  1. Treasurer’s Report

Kim Brungraber gave an update on the financials. Kim stated the association has $70,539.75 in checking and $65,802.40 in savings. Kim stated there is a total of $310,091.74 for reserves. Kim stated there was recently $25,000 placed into a CD. Kim stated she and Dayre Lias met with PSRi and clarified the overdue assessments policy. Kim stated 6 homeowners paid $600 instead of $625 and 1 homeowner paid $1,200 instead of $1,250. Those homeowners have been notified to pay the corrrect amounts. Kim stated the association’s attorney received payment on the LeHockey’s account, however the payment left an incorrect balance between the associaiton’s records and the attorney’s records. Kim Brungraber made a motion to change the amount owed by the Lehockey’s to $24.19. Collins Case seconded the motion. With all in favor, the motion passed. Kim stated Kevin Carlson will be doing the audit for the association and he would like to extend the taxes. Kim Brungarber made a motion to allow Kevin Carlson to extend the taxes while performing the audit. Collins Case seconded the motion. With all in favor, the motion passed.

  1. Property Manager’s Report

 Shawn Millard gave the property manager’s report. Shawn Millard stated he has been in contact with a couple of vendors to get quotes for the damaged paver and the damaged curbing. As soon as he receives them, he will forward to the Board. Shawn stated he has been in contact with the owner of 10271 Tanager Circle and a fine letter was sent to them regarding the maintenance of their lot. Kim Brubgraber asked Shawn Millard to get the instructions for the call box replaced.

  1. Committee Reports

1.  Finance Committee

 Kim Brungarber stated there were no updates from the Finance Committee

  1. Landscaping/Grounds Committee

Shawn McLaughlin stated ChemPro has started the spraying of the common areas. They are servicing the association monthly. Shawn stated within the next coupe of months sod will be placed on the north side of Grallatorial. Shawn McLaughlin stated she has received two bids for the installation of the sod. Curtis Jones made a motion to sod Grallatorial with Zoysia sod by Al Naylor not to exceed $8,500. Kim Brungraber seconded the motion. With all in favor, the motion passed. Shawn McLaughlin stated a cover is needed for the new irrigation pump on Grallatorial. Shawn stated she will get one. Shawn McLaughlin stated the park benches on Rail Circle are in bad shape and need to be replaced. Shawn stated a bench similar to what is presently there is about $80 or $400 for a higher grade material. After some discussion the Board of Directors elected to have the bench removed. Shawn McLaughlin stated she will be obtaining proposals for pressure washing the white fence around the property and the gates. Shawn stated she will also get proposals on trimming trees around the pool.

  1. ARC

Curtis Jones gave an update on the ARC. Curtis stated Christian with the Boy Scouts has been in contact with the ARC concerning repairing the bridge on Lorikeet (behind 9500-9512). Christian stated the bridge will be 22 feet long and 3 feet wide. The posts will be inserted 4 feet down. Dayre Lias stated a design will need to be provided to the EPD for their approval prior to work starting. Dayre stated the associaiton will need a cost estimate as well prior to starting the work. Christian stated work will not be able to begin until after February 26th. Curtis Jones stated Royal Connell will be coordinating with Christian and the EPD when all drawings and costs are received.

  1. Unfinished Business
  1. Pool House and Gate House Wood Rot Repair

Dayre Lias stated gate houserepairs have been completed by Doug Krebbs and he is working on the pool house. 

  1. Pool Bracelets

 Shawn Millard stated the pool bracelets have been received. Dayre Lias stated one adult per household should be using a pool bracelet. Dayre stated owners will be notified when the pool bracelets are ready for distribution.

  1. Enforcement Policy-tracking Violations

Dayre Lias stated he sent a draft violation tracker sheet to the Board for review. Dayre stated the Board will help tighten up the policy and capture the proper information on the timeline. Jeff Martin stated he has concerns of people parking on where the new sod will be placed on Grallatorial. Dayre stated owners should take a picture of the vehicle and send it to PSRi for documentation.

  1. Rental Information/Directory

Dayre Lias stated the rental policy was sent with the annual meeting mail-out. Dayre stated owners that rent their property were supposed to supply tenant’s information and sign the form. Shawn stated PSRi has received16 forms from owners or property management companies. Dayre stated there are approximately 33 rentals in Heron’s Forest. Dayre Lias stated the Board would need to review who submitted forms and send letters to those known rentals that did not submit the form.

  1. New Business
  1. Enforcement Policy

This was covered under Unfinished Business.

  1. Gate Code Changes

 Dayre Lias stated the gate code changes have been completed and the complaints were very minimal.

  1. Pool Bracelets

This was covered under Unfinished Business

  1. Billing Timeline/Procedures

Dayre Lias stated the process of paying assessments and late fees are spelled out in the Heron’s Forest CC&R’s. Dayre stated there is a policy in place and PSRi will enforce the policy with guidance from Kim Brungraber.

  1. Spring Landscape Seminar

Dayre Lias stated the association is going to hold a spring landscape seminar for the residents. Dayre stated Leon McLaughlin will be hosting the event.Dayre stated there will be vendors out to discuss landscaping and assist in giving owners tips for proper maintenance of their landscaping. Kim Brungraber stated there are funds in the budget to provide refreshments and signage for the event. Dayre stated the Board will need to find a point of contact to run the event.

  1. Issuance of HFPOA vehicle decals

 Collins Case stated he would like to investigate issuing parking decals for residents in Heron’s Forest. Collins stated the decals would be helpful in identifying who belongs in Heron’s Forest. Kim Brungraber made a motion to have Collins Case pursue obtaining parking decals and report to the Board of his findings and suggestions. Collins Case seconded the motion. With all in favor, the motion passed. Collins Case will be the chair of the Parking Decal Committee.

  1. Tree Maintenance around Street Lamps

Dayre Lias stated there is no policy in regards to trimming of trees around street lights. Dayre stated there is concern that some of the trees are breaking the street light globes. Kim Brungraber stated she would like to have the trees around the common area posts trimmed and have owners trim the trees around light posts that are on their property.Curtis Jones stated he will follow-up with the ARC in regards to the trimming. 

  1. Scheduling of Next Board Meeting

The next Board of Directors meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, April 15th, 2014 at 6:00 P.M. following the Annual Meeting. It will be held at the SW Branch Escambia County Library.

  1. Adjournment:

Jeff Martin made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Kim Brungraber seconded the motion. With all in favor, the motion passed. The meeting adjourned at 7:20 p.m.

Submitted by, Shawn Millard, CAM – PSRi

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