HFPOA Notice of Quarterly Meeting & Proposed Agenda 7/23/15






To all members of the Board of Directors and the HFPOA:

NOTICE is hereby given that the quarterly meeting of the Board of Directors of Heron’s Forest Property Owner’s Association, Inc. will be held at the date, hour and place noted below.

Date: Thursday, July 23, 2015

Hour: 6:00 P.M.  

Place: Southwest Branch Library

12248 Gulf Beach Hwy

Pensacola, FL 32507

Purpose: Administrative Board Meeting. Agenda attached under a separate document.

Posting: This notice is being posted at least 48 hours in advance of the meeting on the community property and on the HFPOA website in accordance with the bylaw and statutory requirements.

Heron’s Forest Property Owner’s Association, Inc.

Dated: July 16, 2015

By Dayre Lias, President HFPOA


Heron’s Forest Property Owners Association

Board of Directors Meeting Agenda

July 23, 2015 6PM

SW Branch Escambia County Library

1. Call to Order, Roll Call

2. Proof of Notice

3. Agenda Consent and Reorder

4. Approval of Minutes from April 2015 Board meeting

5. Treasurer’s Report – K. Brungraber

6. Property Manager’s Report-S. Millard

7. Committee Reports

       a. Landscaping/Grounds – S. McLaughlin

       b. ARC –R. Connell

       c. Street Subcommittee-C. Joyce

8. Unfinished Business

       a. Pool house wood rot

       b. Trail Bridge-Eagle Scout Project

       c. Enforcement policy-tracking violations

       d. Pool Bracelets, pool security, sports court sign

9. New Business

       a. Fines for violations*

       b. Damaged Curbs/drain covers

       c. Resodding common areas

       d. Split Rail fence

       e. Director J. Martin resignation, vacant position

       f. Proposal for new Internet/Social Media Committee

10. Next Scheduled Meeting Date: Thurs, Sep 24, 6:00PM

11. Adjournment

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