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Dog Needs Home

Very loveable small dog needs a loving home ASAP. He was found near my son’s office after the flood. He had a harness that was so tight that it had dug into his skin & new skin grew over the harness. My son called the vet & he contacted an angel who paid one a […]

Doctor Speaks to Friends

Local doctor Dr. Robert Kincaid, MDFAAFP, who has been on many medical missions to the Philippines and Peru, will speak to The Friends of the Southwest Branch Library at their quarterly member meeting Monday, January 9th at 7PM. Meet and Greet at 6:30 PM with the meeting starting at 7PM at the Southwest Branch Library, […]

Mystery Good Samaritan Neighbor

We returned from church tonight to find one of Spaniels waiting in the poring rain to greet us on the driveway. Not good; for see we have two and the second was no where to be found! The fence gate was broken this past week from the brick and we are having it fixed this […]