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Pool and Tennis Courts closure for 2 days – August 26 and 27

 Today, Greg Jonston called our contractor to confirm he is still on schedule for this Thursday and Friday to replace the pool fence.  He remains firm on those days.  Also, Dan Clark (concrete & renovations, LLC) sent Greg the estimate to rectify the erosion issue at the Southern portion of the tennis courts.  The cost estimate is […]

Post Sally news for Heron’s Forest 10/08/20

1. Please have tree cutting contractors take the debris out of the neighborhood, as has been required before Sally. Be sure to get their pricing to do that before you allow them to cut ARC approved trees.2. The pool was shocked today with a very large amount of chlorine. Please refrain from swimming in the […]

How to search for HFPOA policies and documents

If you are searching for Heron’s Forest documents and/or policies: Go to our website (where you are now) and at the home page menu, hover over the Tab for About the Forest and use the down arrows to select (click on) one of 4 choices – Resident Info will give you a list of questions and the resources to answer them. […]

Minutes from the Board meeting about Covid-19

There are clear details here for us to follow  A Meeting of the Board of Directors under the emergency provisions of the governing bodies of Community Associations was called for 11:30a.m. on March 24, 2020, via telephone conference.  Present were Janine Avant, Craig McDonnell, Sean Sharrett, Greg Jonston and Susan Arnett.  Joe Dillard and Spencer […]

Water Exercise begins June 4, 9:30

See you at the Pool! We will probably use the south end of the pool.  The pool will remain open to all during the hour that we will be bounding/bouncing about in that one end.

Parking at the pool

This vehicle has been parked in the pool parking lot for many days………overnight parking at the pool is not authorized without a pass from Perdido Sand Realty, our property management company.  Call 850-492-2000 to request such a pass. Will the owner please move this vehicle or display a pass. Thank you.

IMPORTANT reminders of pool and sports court rules for use

From the HFPOA Board – There have been reports of people using the pool and tennis courts that are not authorized users. Effective immediately, we will be doing spot checks at the pool/tennis courts for the red bracelet (which identifies the resident), so please bring your pool band when using the pool/tennis courts. Remember, pool […]

Water Exercise group returning

Once again our favorite instructor/leader, Joan Ferry will be back. We will meet at the pool on Mondays and Wednesdays starting June 8 at 9:30.  Bring your swim noodles or other toys.  All are welcome.  Wear or bring your bracelet ID.  See you there!The pool is still open to all swimmers during this time.

Editorial: We don’t just make these rules up

Swimming season is upon us and it brings with it questions on our Pool Rules as well as other regulations and policies. We don’t just make these rules up.   The policies governing our Heron’s Forest neighborhood are derived from the Declaration of the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions, By-Laws, and Architectural Guidelines. In 2014, the Board […]

Pool Regulations Reminder

Pool Regulations Reminder as the weather gets warmer —- it will! One adult in each party should wear or have visible the HFPOA rubber bracelet which designates authorized common area users. Bracelets are available from the property manager, Perdido Sand Realty. One bracelet is issued to each owner.   This is the same green 2015-2016 bracelet issued […]

New Pool Bracelets

The new bracelets will be a different color and be dated 2015-1016. Over the past two years several new residents have moved in to Heron’s Forest and the supply of bracelets was exhausted. The old (blue) bracelet may be used until distribution of the new bracelet is completed, however we encourage all residents to get […]

Pool bracelets and rule reminders

POOL BRACELETS: One adult in your group should have a blue and white pool bracelet in their possession when using Heron’s Forest’s Pool. The bracelets are marked “HFPOA Pool 2013-2014”. The property management company, Perdido Sands, has a new supply of bracelets for residents needing one. There is a limited supply and only one bracelet […]

POOL (work) PARTY next Saturday April 12– 10 am

POOL   work    PARTY Saturday, April 12th at 10AM Weather Permitting Pool Lounge Chairs and Teak Tables (will be pulled out of storage and cleaned) Gazebo, Deck and Picnic Table (need power washed) Beverages and Snacks (after  all work is done, if you bring them)

Pool Parking Reminder and Dog reminder too

A neighbor asked if we would also remind everyone not to bring their dogs to Trout Point. He stated that he sees more and more people taking dogs down there [and more and more of what they leave behind on the trail]. The sign clearly states ‘no dogs’. If the Navy disallows Heron’s Forest residents […]

HFPOA Pool Wristbands

  A new insurance approved “resort” type gate latch allows entrance to the pool.  Each family must have one adult wearing the custom designed HFPOA silicone wristband. Distribution will be at pool picnic table on Sunday May 12 from 2-4 or Saturday May 18 from 9-noon.  OR contact Aquatic Realty Property Managers 492-4632