May 2022 Update from HOA President

  Homeowners and Residents
A lot has been going on in Herons Forest since our last board meeting.  Our next meeting will be on Monday, 13 June 22 at the SW branch of the public library at 5:45 to 6:45 PM.   The library closes at 7 and we have to put the meeting room back to its regular configuration.   All are welcome.

The pool is ready for summer use.   Remember, no glass, alcohol or food is allowed in the pool area.  Be courteous with your music and water games.  Please pick up after yourself when you leave.  Do not leave pool floats or toys behind.   
Reminder that homeowners need to review the Architectural Guidelines before any exterior replacements, painting or landscaping..  
Some of the projects that have been completed or in progress thanks to our volunteers:
–  Currently replacing the non-metal stop signs with new high-density urethane stop signs.
–  The HOA contracted Signarama in Loxley, AL to replace the lettering in all the street signs.  The company removed the old lettering and replaced it with new reflective vinyl lettering.  In addition, the company used a heat gun to ensure the lettering adhered to the surface. 

–  Placed a new dog waste station at the junction of Grallatoral Circle and the sidewalk entrance of the community. 
–  The HOA has installed a YELP box receiver on the gate.  All emergency responder vehicles are equipped with this signal, and with the receiver on the gate, when sounded will automatically open the gate without a code.
– Working with the landscape company to develop a plan to improve the common areas along Foggy Bottom and Lorikeet Lane.
–  The treasurer has noticed an increase in the 2022 average monthly utility bill (FLorida Power & Light) compared to the averages of 2021 and 2020.  The treasurer and president meet with a commercial FP&L representative on May 4th to discuss why the increase has occurred.  The FP&L representatives made several recommendations which will be discussed at the next board meeting,  

Some information about our community:

heronWe are a community of 184 lots, surrounded by Navy Property and Gulf Beach Highway. What’s inside? Entry is through a gate, by coded access. Exit gate opens automatically; white fencing surrounds a heavily planted area with a small gazebo, boasting wooden seats. Highway frontage runs perhaps a mile or more of mowed and clipped fence row.

Now, count our forested, green and related features:

  • – 4 planting beds between entry and exit roads
  • – 3 miles of curbed roadsides (approx. 3.2 miles of roads)
  • – 6 retention ponds
  • – 7 street islands
  •  – 48 street lights
  • – 2 miles plus of interior trails to keep clear
  • – deeded access path to the Intercoastal Waterway
  • – swimming pool complex with tennis courts, planted
  • – grounds, parking, pool house with bathrooms and
  •   equipment rooms.
  •  – grassed and planted common areas along roadsides

Trails: brush, overhanging branches, small bushes, weeds and more are constantly monitored to keep the two or more miles clear.

Two streams flowing E and SE: entire length is conservation area with a need to be kept trimmed of nuisance growth.

This is just a basic outline of our extensive forestry needs. We are unique. To keep this area under control, healthy and in repair requires constant maintenance by residents as well as contract workers.

We are not a formal garden and have no intentions of challenging the likes of Versailles. We are woods and streams.

woodsThe fact of the matter is that we have chosen to live in a naturally wooded community, unlike any other subdivision in this area.

So, if you are tempted to criticize, please think about our basic concepts. Bear in mind that your comments are always welcome, as well as your volunteer help to correct whatever you may think needs attention.

Now, we are so pleased to tell you about some recent volunteering. Trails have been cleared of misplaced bushes, weeds, overhanging limbs, and other growth.Looking forward to meeting in person.
Thanks again to all our volunteers.  Without their tireless work the association could not function and Heron’s Forest would not look as great as it does.  
Joe Dillard, Herons Forest Property Owners Association, President

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