Highlights of what homeowners need to know from the ARC


The following are some of the specifics derived from the general requirements of: (1) the CC&R; (2) the AGs; and (3) the Conservation Easement to the FL EPA, that the ARC sends to property owners planning projects: 

— All contractors performing external work in HF (includes transporting construction materials for interior projects) must be properly FL/County licensed and insured ($3M is local government requirement). 

— Before stating work, all Contractors must coordinate with the management company, show proper permits or other documentation to be in order, and obtain/use the contractor gate code [this assures that the management company is aware of the presence of contractors on the Association’s property that is under managements oversight; lawn/regular-maintenance contractors need only register once; minor repair/maintenance work is excepted if under oversight of the owner; merchants delivering home furnishings/appliances and/or material for owner self-projects are excepted.) 

— Before starting work (including material deliveries), all near or otherwise affected neighbors must be notified. 

— Plans for work must describe how loud noises (jack hammers, saws, etc..) or dust clouds will be accomplished without unduly affecting neighbors. 

— Before starting work, all utilities and communications in the common areas (13-ft wide grassy aprons of the 50-ft wide roadways) must be visibly flagged by the utilities/communications companies. 

— All material must be stored inside the boundaries of the owners lot — any material not concealed from street view must be for immediate use and debris cleared as soon as practical. 

— Safety signs and barriers must be in place before start of work. 

— No contractor vehicles may be parked on POA property (streets or parking lot) overnight. 

— No construction equipment may be positioned on Association property (includes roadway aprons) without review and authorization by the ARC. 

— Contractors must work in a manner so as not the block vehicular passage along the roadway at ANY TIME. 

— Debris must be removed from the construction site in a regular manner so as to avoid accumulation during the project. 

— No dumpsters or debris containers may be placed on Association property. 

— Use of the nature trails is prohibited for vehicular or pedestrian access for construction [per the terms of the conservation easement with the State of Florida (the State EPA may impose severe fines for violations]. 

— Material or debris must be securely contained to avoid any spillage on the Association roadways. 

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