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Hi, everyone! Just checking in. I have added some new email addresses shared with me by new owners or residents. I will be reiterating and/or updating old information.  If you know someone, owner or renter, who would like to be included on my email list, feel free to give them my email address.

First Issue

As you know, our commissioner, Doug Underhill, invited FEMA to tour our neighborhood to take an assessment of our needs.  He is very optimistic they will be adding gated communities to their list of neighborhoods in which they will be picking up debris. They have not yet updated their schedule but I am calling frequently. Before it happens, a few requirements they have.  (We will want to be as cooperative as humanly possible.)

·       Please be sure the debris you put in the common areas or have in the front of your yard is separated as described on their website. They were also attached to the last email I sent. I have driven around and seen a lot of mixed debris that will not be acceptable. It would be a shame if they leave it that pile here as a result. (Tires, shed materials, appliances, boxes, etc. go in different discreet piles.)

·       Please be prepared to park off the streets when they come. Lack of accessibility may result in them leaving prematurely.

·       Pull your bagged debris away (up into your yard or driveway) from the piles of vegetative debris. ECUA will come every Wed to pick the bags up but FEMA will not take them at all.

Second Issue

We hope the debris is taken before our Tree Contractor comes to deal with the fallen, the falling and the broken trees. I reported to you earlier that Tri-State Trees has reserved ten days for us at a flat daily rate beginning November 9th. This is a one-time and done deal. Another company has purchased Tri-State and will only honor this agreement because it was already on the books.

In order to get the best possible outcome, we are requesting some volunteers to 1) prioritize and mark the trees we want dealt with and 2) to supervise the crews and direct traffic, the days they are here. Once the trees are identified by priority, we will work with a Tri-State representative to establish how many days work it represents. If it exceeds ten days, it will exceed our funding capacity. We have a lot of needs so will need to make decisions about what will get done in this session. We will let everyone know the criteria we apply when deciding.

Third issue

The Landscape Contractor has been given a modest, in the scheme of things, budget to work on some of the common area rehabilitation from the storm. So, the same story goes for their efforts. We have far more needs than funding. We are appealing to homeowners to volunteer to adopt an area that needs some TLC, this winter.

Your comments, suggestions, feedback are welcome.  Stay well, and vote.

Susan M. Arnett, Herons Forest Property Owners Association, President Reply  Reply All 

2 thoughts on “Important news from HFPOA President

  1. I sent your email info on to Susan, HFPOA President, and to Amanda Pacitti at Etheridge, our Property manager and they have acknowledged so you should be receiving those emails now. I will add you to my email blast list for updated webpage info. Meanwhile, you might also want to find us on FaceBook at HF Neighbors or our FB page HFPOA
    Lynne, webperson

  2. Davelle Lautrup says:

    Please include me in your email list. I am the owner of 10192 Bittern Dr. and would enjoy reading what is happening in the neighborhood.

    Thank you,
    Davelle Lautrup