Post Sally news for Heron’s Forest 10/08/20

1. Please have tree cutting contractors take the debris out of the neighborhood, as has been required before Sally. Be sure to get their pricing to do that before you allow them to cut ARC approved trees.
2. The pool was shocked today with a very large amount of chlorine. Please refrain from swimming in the pool at this time. The pool contractor suggests giving it at least a week.
3. Herons Forest has been designated a No Burn neighborhood by Escambia County. Now would be a particularly bad time to burn given the “fuel” around the neighborhood and the windy conditions. Reports of burning continue to come in. Do not tell me, call the fire department. They have been very responsive and appreciate talking to a resident about the regulations instead of putting out a fire. 
4. Our own Lynne Tobin represented the neighborhood on WEAR TV today. We had a nice chat making our case for equitable treatment by Escambia County and FEMA with the reporter. Hope you caught it on this evening’s news. We are optimistic that we will prevail but we also hope to get a change in policy so we can enjoy a speedy clean up like other neighborhoods up and down Gulf Beach Highway, in the future. Many thanks to the dozens of you who contributed to this effort. 
Susan M. Arnett ,Herons Forest Property Owners Association, President

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