How to search for HFPOA policies and documents

If you are searching for Heron’s Forest documents and/or policies: Go to our website (where you are now) and at the home page menu, hover over the Tab for About the Forest and use the down arrows to select (click on) one of 4 choices –

Resident Info will give you a list of questions and the resources to answer them.

Policies will give you links to (1) the 2013 Policy Synopsis. (2) September 2014 Updated Policies (rev. 3.5) which updates the 2013 Policy Synopsis with correct names (3) Link to 2016 HFPOA Violation Enforcement Process
HFPOA Violation Enforcement Process Jan. 2016       

(4) Yard/Garage Sales Policy (August 2016)

Compliance – provides (i)Philosophy of Heron’s Forest (2005). (2) Lists of Violations and Fines. (3) Describes Enforcement Process as of January 2016 which is also provided under Policies paragraph.

3. Legal/Documents provides links to the Florida Statutes for Homeowners’ Associations; the Escambia County Code; and finally scanned pdfs of Heron’s Forest Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions (CC&R) – these are the original 1997 documents in complete form.

Note- when you purchase a home in Heron’s Forest, your realtor should provide you with a copy of those CC&R documents at closing.

Lynne Tobin

Heron’s Forest Communications

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