Update to the Update 6/29/20

Me, again.So, I have some non-Board Meeting updates.

Curb washing of common area curbs and the pool facilities is not yet completed. The vendor should be back this week to finish. If you see their truck, you should not park in the pool lot until they finish that area. I will send an email if they tell me when they will get to that.

The Security Committee is already working on some security enhancements. They stress the following:·       Always keep your garage doors down.·       Lock your car doors.·       If you have a dog, pay attention to its barking.While it is not okay that someone walked into our neighborhood and stole from our neighbors, we don’t want to make it easy for them.

Parking at the pool parking lot, or on the streets, overnight is not permitted.  Parking in front of someone else’s home without their knowledge or consent, whether or not it is overnight, is kind of rude. If your car is left overnight anywhere in the neighborhood except in your garage or driveway, and it is identified as yours, you will be fined. Exceptions are by request through the management company only.

Please take down the Graduation yard signs, at this time. If you are having work done at your home and your vendor puts a sign up, please ask them to take it with them when the job is finished.  Remind your Realtors, too.

Our Electrician, when trying to figure out why our security cameras were not working, noticed that someone, somewhere along the line, made modifications to the electrical system that were outside safety and code regulations. This could have been a vendor or a resident, and they were likely well-intentioned, but we now need to have the deficiencies corrected. It is more prudent to leave that work to the professionals and prevent accidents and corrective work charges. Vendors and residents are advised to inform the management company when they notice electrical work is needed.

“Dos and Don’ts” aside, now. The yards in the neighborhood look fantastic. It is no wonder Realtors send folks in here and the homes sell so quickly! If you would like to serve on a committee to assist with evaluating our signage plan or the landscape plan, please let me know. Stay safe and well!

Susan M. Arnett,Herons Forest Property Owners Association, President

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