HFPOA President’s update 5/8/20

Hi, Neighbors!

Many of you have heard already, but for the benefit of those who have not, Jeanine Avant officially resigned from the Board.  She and Roger are moving to Panama City for a three-month assignment and from there, they still have not decided where they will go. She told me she already misses this neighborhood and the folks who live here.  I know I will miss her, too. So, best wishes to them both!!!

Work in Process:  Many vendors and materials suppliers have either been extremely busy from new home repair customers or they closed for the duration of the Governor’s Orders.  It’s made scheduling work challenging.

Our Electrician completed his update of the wiring around the pool and front gate.  He also wired the outlets at the front gate so, when plugged in, the Christmas decorations will come on when the landscape lighting comes on. That will eliminate the need for manually plugging them in and turning them off. In addition, he insulated some of the outlets to keep water out. Finally, he labelled the circuits on the breaker board so it is easier to isolate and fix electrical problems.

We have gone out to the three pressure washing vendors to obtain final bids. I have seen one bid come in and others should be here in the next day or two. Our hope is to award the contract and get work done in the next two weeks. I will send out the date, as soon as it is set, so we can be sure “stuff” in the streets will not impede their work.

Throughout the next month or so, a Contractor will be repairing, cleaning, and painting our street signs. If the signs are “too far gone” they will be replaced.

The management company is looking at vendors to repair the holes in the fencing around the tennis courts.

We are working with a vendor to install drainage at the end of the tennis courts to replace the French Drain that collapsed at some point over the last few years.  It is necessary to keep water from standing on and degrading the courts.

What the Neighbors are Saying and My Comments:

Three neighbors responded to my comments in previous Updates regarding leaves. They all pointed out that nothing happened in their neck of woods, so to speak, to pick them up or blow them out of the street.

My comment: I agree.  I forwarded the comments to our management company to send to the Contractor. I also walk the neighborhood and could see it will problematic during the pressure washing of the curbs, as well.  I mentioned that to them as well.

One neighbor asked me to “please stress that bikes are not allowed on the Boardwalk to Trout Point.”

My comment: It is specifically forbidden on the sign as you enter the Navy’s property. That said, it is not very smart, either. Any spill on or off of the Boardwalk will NOT end well. So be good and safe neighbors and leave the bikes on our side of the trail, please.

Another neighbor commented that “homeowners (are) allowing their dogs to poop and pee on their neighbors’ yards” instead of walking them to Common Areas to do their business.

My comment: It is rude! And the ones who take their dogs to the Common Areas to poop and leave it are even ruder. Please stop!!

Several neighbors have sent me comments about trespassers from outside Heron’s Forest at the pool, throughout the neighborhood and at Trout Point.

My comments: Be careful before you do anything.

·       Are you sure you are not seeing a new neighbor or one you have never met? 

·       Think twice before approaching anyone. If folks are getting shot for asking others to wear a mask…just saying.

·       If they drive in and park (like I hear they do) at the Trailheads, take a picture of the car license with your phone and send it to the Sheriff’s office and tell them your contact information.

·       Take your phone to the pool. If someone who is not behaving has admitted to being there without a Heron’s Forest host, call the Sheriff (850) 436-9620.

·       If the misbehaving is by a resident, send me the name and address of the resident and the date and time of the violation. The management company will have a violation letter sent to their home.

·       Board members who are not present during an incident of any type can do nothing. We are only homeowners who saw nothing and heard nothing. If you call the Sheriff, stick around until they get the facts from you, the victim.

·       We will be changing gate codes soon. Stay tuned.

What Neighbors are Doing:

Two of our awesome neighbors got together and mowed and edged the yard of a neighbor unable to do so. Quietly, out of the kindness in their hearts. You know who you are.  Thank you!

Another neighbor set her extremely active and kind little boys to helping a neighbor bag up her yard cuttings. The day was hot, the work hard but they stayed with it to the end. How cool is that?! Thanks guys!

Other neighbors voluntarily cleaned up trails. Generous way to work off steam! Thanks.

Stay safe, stay well and stay busy. It will keep you sane 😊.
Susan M. Arnett, Herons Forest Property Owners Association, President 

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