Newest Covid-19 update from NAS

 latest NASP All-Hands Message in regards to COVID-19. 

–          Beginning this weekend, parts of Florida and Alabama will begin opening some areas to the public such as beaches, restaurants and retail with certain restrictions. Military installations, however, including NAS Pensacola (NASP), will continue to follow Department of Defense guidelines. There will be no changes to current COVID-19 guidelines on base at this time. Please continue to use caution and practice physical distancing when visiting locations outside of NAS Pensacola.

§ Disc Golf is available at Radford Fitness Center (NASP) and Wenzel Gym (Corry Station). The disks are located in a bucket with cleaning solution. Please return the disks to the bucket when done and maintain social distancing.

§ MWR is providing bus transportation for students assigned to Corry Station to the Marina, Golf Course and Aviation Plaza on NASP on the weekends.

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