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 NAS Pensacola All Hands Message COVID-19 April 2, 2020 


NAS Pensacola All Hands Message 

Coronavirus (COVID-19) 

Update 5: April 3, 2020 

As of April 2, 2020, there has been several confirmed case of COVID-19 onboard NAS Pensacola. For Operational Security reasons, we will not publish the total number of confirmed cases. Those individuals that have tested positive are isolated and receiving supportive and medical care in accordance with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and state and local guidelines. The health and well-being of our personnel and their families remains our top priority so NAS Pensacola (NASP) has directed implementation of the following additional measures per guidance from Navy Region Southeast and higher headquarters to protect our Sailors, civilians and contractors and their families: 

o Florida has issued a stay at home order effective midnight tomorrow. Employees and service members of NAS Pensacola can still report to work during this order. Questions on reporting to work should be directed to your chain of command or supervisor. 

o For residents of Florida, under the stay at home guidance, travel from the home is restricted to grocery stores, medical appointments including pet care, pharmacies, banks, outdoor exercise with proper social distancing, act as a caretaker for loved ones and essential jobs. 

o The Secretary of Defense has mandated that all installation be at Health Protection Condition Charlie and NASP has taken all the steps to meet that requirement. 

o NASP and all Navy installations have implemented a new screening process for personnel entering buildings. If you answer yes to any of the questions follow the directions on the form and notify your supervisor. Please continue to wash your hands regularly and practice social distancing. 

o TRICARE beneficiaries can use the COVID-19 hotline at 1-800-TRICARE or 

o NASP Police have been directed to break up any large gatherings of people not involved in official duties. 

o MWR and other services updates: 

 All fitness centers and aquatic facilities are closed 

 Single Sailor/Liberty Centers are closed 

 Restaurants will only offer take out services. Mustin Beach Club is closed. 

 Bowling, Theater, Library, and Auto Skills are closed 

 Cabins, Cottages and RV Parks will not accept new reservations. Exceptions can be made for active duty on orders at the RV parks. 

NAS Pensacola All Hands Message COVID-19 April 2, 2020 

 Golf course is open, but Golf Pro-shop is closed 

 Navy Gateway Inns and Suites remains open to mission essential travelers only 

 Child Youth Programs will remain open at level 2. Command endorsement is required for parents who are unable to provide self-care for their children 

 All playgrounds are secured 

 Chapels are secured 

 Beaches are closed to all personnel 

 The NEX and Commissary will remain open 

o Galley service shall be restricted to rations in kind. Emergency responders, mission essential personnel eligible for galley patronage, and active duty personnel assigned to the installation may use the galley. 

o Fleet and Family Support Center is closed to all in-person services. Services are available over the phone at (850) 452-5990. Leave a message and FFSC will return your call. 

o The Navy and Marine Corps Relief Society Office is closed, but assistance is still available by calling 850-452-2300. Please leave a message and a caseworker will call you back. 


o Clean your hands – Use soap and water for 20 seconds; use hand sanitizer with minimum 60% alcohol. 

o Cover your cough or sneeze 

o Confine yourself at home when sick until advised by your healthcare provider. 

o Crowd avoidance 


Sailors with Permanent Change of Station (PCS) orders that have not initiated travel should contact the Navy Personal Command (NPC) for guidance at 1-833-330-6622. Official travel for service members and Navy civilians will require an exception. 


Monitor news resources and public health updates regularly to stay informed. NASP will continue to provide Navy-specific updates as needed for the Navy family on the NASP Facebook page. 

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