Covid-19 and our Neighborhood 3/25/20

Good afternoon, Neighbors!

As was posted on the website and Facebook earlier, the Board did meet to consider what to do about the pool. I am attaching a copy of the minutes to meeting so you know exactly what transpired.

We weighed the potential risks against the hardship of being quarantined and of having healthy, active homebound youngsters can be. We voted to ask you to alter the way you use the pool and protect the health and safety of everyone. We are going to rely on each of you to be diligent about your social distancing practices and refrain from gathering in groups of more than 10 people. Many of you have expressed a willingness to as we are asking, already. We are reserving the option to close the pool if we see consistent noncompliance with social distancing practices, new information becomes available about increasing risks to health and safety of the residents, or the Governor issues more strict orders. Your well-being, in addition to your health and safety, are paramount to us.

Please work with each other to maintain groups of ten or less and washing or wiping down chairs and doorknobs, etc. Police your family’s health. Stay home if you suspect you are unwell.

I also want to announce that volunteers are available to assist with yardwork, shopping and other tasks if you are disabled or elderly. This was posted on our Facebook page. Just post your request on the Heron’s Forest Property Owners Assoc. in reply to that post or reply to this email with your request and phone number. A volunteer will contact you.

Stay safe!

Susan M. Arnett, Herons Forest Property Owners Association, President

Minutes are in the next Post –

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