Updates from the HFPOA President

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

I am excited to see how many of you get this email message. I think I have worked the kinks out but we shall see.

My husband and I took a walk down to Trout Point today and confirmed that the trees down on the trail had been cleaned off. The trails have been freshly mowed, too.  We started on the trails but came out and walked much of the neighborhood. Wow! You all have been doing tons of work in your yards and on your homes! It is looking great!

We have the following projects underway:

  • Repair of Fence along Gulf Beach Hwy: The contract has been awarded. Awaiting a start date from vendor.
  • Paint street signs: Evaluating bids. Start date to be determined.
  • Tennis Court Cleaning/Restriping: Vendor delayed start date. Still to be determined.
  • Seasonal Irrigation Check Up: EPM will contact vendor and schedule this week.
  • Clearing of Storm Drains/Unclog Tennis Court Drains:  EPM will contact vendor and schedule this week.
  • Assess and Repair Landscape Lighting at front gate and around pool: EPM will contact vendor and schedule this week.

There is more to come, too! The Board will be assessing our cash position and the vendors’ performance of the work all along the way. 

On our walks, so many of you are out and speak with us. Everyone is calm and friendly with smiles on their faces. It is a refreshing change from the hyper-nervous vibe in many other places and in the media. This is a great neighborhood, filled with great people. We are so glad we live here.

Stay safe and stay sane!

Susan Arnett

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