Water problem that occurred for one neighbor

Owners and Renters – Something to be aware of –

A word of caution.  Our home in Heron’s Forest was build in 1999, nestled in the Forest, like all our neighbors.  In December, we spent 10 days traveling over the Christmas Holiday, to find we had no water when we returned on December 30.  A small underground pipe had broken between the water meter and the house and, while there was a large pool of water in our side yard, the sandy soil prevented it from running down to the street and the problem had not attracted the attention of neighbors.  The plumber’s bill to repair the pipe was not large, but you can imagine our dismay when the water bill arrived in February – $2,292.89!  People’s Water graciously waived a large portion of the bill after we appealed to them, explaining the situation and showing them the receipt for repair.  Apparently, this is a one time offer and we appreciated it.

Our neighbor has had roots damage their water line, but it was discovered soon after it happened.  We live in a forest with growing trees and spreading root systems.   If you are going to be gone for any length of time, think about having a neighbor do a walk about to check on things.

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