Important message from our new HOA President, Susan Arnette

Dear Neighbors:

Last Saturday, several members of the Board took a walk around the neighborhood to assess our progress in giving the HF its makeover.  A tremendous amount of work went into that effort last year around the pool, the pool house, front gate gazebo, along the trails and the fences, to highlight some.  In some respects, the results are obvious and others more subtle. As you know, we also began the mammoth task of tree maintenance. In consultation with an arborist, trees in most of the neighborhood that presented a risk of storm damage to people or property or threatened other trees or infrastructure have been cut back.

During our walk, it became obvious to us that we are ready and the timing is appropriate to do some of the “sexier” work.  So, with the idea of getting the front gate and the pool and tennis courts ready for Spring and home-sales season, we will undertake the following:

1.       Tri-State Trees will complete the last three days of work scheduled, including the last of the stump grinding, for the pre-Spring season.

2.       The landscaper will come in to:

a.       Spread the mulch piles,

b.       Remove built up mulch around the tennis courts, and

c.       Renovate the landscaping at the front gate and first two islands.

3.       American Tennis will resurface tennis courts and add pickleball striping.

4.       Our fencing contractor will repair/replace and straighten the white fencing along Gulf Beach Highway.

The work will begin on Thursday!

I hope you all are as excited as I am to see how it will turn out.  Let’s all look at the results, live with it a week or two and then decide if that is the look we want.  By the way, if you want a formal say and you would like to serve on a Landscape Advisory Committee, we would love to hear from you!  Your participation is welcome! Our landscape contractor is a talented professional who is happy to hear your feedback and answer your questions.

I know most of you are busy or have erratic schedules, so you don’t really want to serve on a Committee. That’s okay. You can send me an email or attend a Board meeting to weigh in.  It’s our neighborhood and we all deserve to be heard. 

In my next letter, I will address how everyone can participate in the makeover of HF. 

Until then, have a great week, neighbor!

Susan Arnett

Susan M. ArnettHerons Forest Property Owners Association, President

2 thoughts on “Important message from our new HOA President, Susan Arnette

  1. Susan Arnett says:

    Thank you for the question. It is a good one and I appreciate your position. Tri-State is monitored diligently by a Board Member who also ensures the Landscapers perform as contracted. We also have a committee that reviews Tri-States recommendations to ensure they are in line with the CCRS and either concurs or rejects those recommendations. Unfortunately, there is some confusion about who is responsible for the trees in the road right of way. Our attorney is researching this issue and should have a definitive answer back to me early next week. I apologize for the failure to consult with you or any other resident. I want to assure you, however, if a tree was removed, it was deemed by an arborist to be either diseased and/or an imminent threat to other trees or to property or people.

  2. Anthony Salvatore says:

    Well one recommendation is that a homeowner should be consulted before a tree on their property, not in the common area, is cut down.
    Who supervises tristate tree when they are in the development to provide guidance to the tree cutters?