IMPORTANT reminders of pool and sports court rules for use

From the HFPOA Board –

There have been reports of people using the pool and tennis courts that are not authorized users. Effective immediately, we will be doing spot checks at the pool/tennis courts for the red bracelet (which identifies the resident), so please bring your pool band when using the pool/tennis courts. Remember, pool parties that would “reserve” the whole pool and deck are not authorized! Tennis lessons and/or swimming lessons are not authorized unless the lesson is provided by a Heron’s Forest resident. Remember that these facilities are for the sole use of Heron’s Forest residents and their guests. The guest must be accompanied by the resident. These rules are in place for a reason. Our liability insurance only covers residents and guests. Recently, there was a woman and a small child at the pool that I had to ask to leave (she was not a resident and was not with a resident). She said that she had a friend that lived in Heron’s Forest that told her she could come in and use the pool – this is totally unacceptable!

As a reminder, no food or drink at the pool complex. There are three tables outside of the pool area for your food and beverage consumption.

Lastly, you may have noticed that the tennis court gate is removed – we are in the process of installing a lock on the courts. The code will be 1056 (same as the pool bathroom’s code).

Remember, your board members are all volunteers. If you would like to help us with spot checks at the pool/tennis courts, please volunteer!

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  1. Lana Barker says:

    Thank you, Lynne!