Adjusting Your Driveway Curb Height

Neighbors, over the years some of you have asked about adjusting the height of your driveway at the curb.   We have done some research on this topic and the results and new policies are posted on our Herons Forest website.

In keeping with Article III and Article IV – Section 22, of the Herons Forest (HF) Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CCR), the Architectural Review Committee (ARC) is promulgating updated Architectural Guidelines (AG) that respond to HF homeowners’ inquiries about modifying the gutter and curb (TYPE E) into a standard driveway entrance (Escambia County TYPE I Turnout).  The update will better align the AG with the current County, State, and Federal regulations thereby setting “reasonable standards as are consistent with a first-class single family residential subdivision”.  Both the A&E firm “engineer of record” for the HF Subdivision Plan and the Escambia County Planning and Engineering Department have been consulted — keeping the TYPE E curb and gutter at driveway entrances is not required to fulfill the storm water management plan in that the TYPE I Turnout design requires an upslope of the driveway apron to the same height (elevation) as the TYPE E curb.  The County Engineer advised that, for public roads with curbs, removal of the curb is required at driveways.  A format for Homeowners’ requests to the ARC (modeled on the County’s permit application) is being prepared — afterwards, the ARC will review proposed modifications  submitted in this format.  Homeowners are advised that the curbs & gutters and the land on which the Turnout is installed are the property of the Association – proposed contractors must be approved by the ARC, agreements must be in writing and show that the contractor agrees to ARC site inspection and approval prior to start of work and again after foundation work but prior to pouring concrete.  An important note for the ARC site inspection, it is the homeowners’ responsibility to have the communications/utility companies locate (and clearly mark) the various underground communications cables and utility systems that are located in the Association-property easements fronting each lot and passing under the driveway turnouts. The contractor must show liability insurance covering repairs for any damage caused to these items during the job.

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