Editorial: We don’t just make these rules up

Swimming season is upon us and it brings with it questions on our Pool Rules as well as other regulations and policies.

We don’t just make these rules up.   The policies governing our Heron’s Forest neighborhood are derived from the Declaration of the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions, By-Laws, and Architectural Guidelines.

In 2014, the Board published an updated Policy Guidance. It is available in paper from our Property Manager at Perdido Sand Realty, or online at http://aroundheronsforest.com under the tab About the Forest and then Policies.

 As a gentle reminder and because we have so many new and very welcome families this year, this posting is a brief reminder and explanation of our rules, all of which are intended to promote safety and security as well as a pleasing and uniform appearance in the neighborhood. 

At the Pool –


  • Wear or have visible your id bracelet (available from Perdido Sand Realty); one person in each group should have this identification so no one will have to ask if you are an authorized common area user
  • Use the pool only between 6 a.m. and 10 p.m.
  • Use the 9 – 10 a.m. time for swimming laps
  • Shower before entering pool
  • Have an adult accompany any children under age 16
  • Accompany any non-resident guests
  • Keep the noise level to a minimum as a kindness to your neighbors


  • Dive (the pool is too shallow)
  • Skateboard or bike in the pool area or on the sports courts
  • Run or indulge in horse play (pool deck may be slippery and this endangers others)
  • Smoke
  • Bring food (use the picnic tables outside the pool for that and please clean up)
  • Bring in glass containers
  • Monopolize or reserve the pool (any classes or groups should be sure to allow others pool use)

Security and Safety in the Neighborhood –


  • Contact the Sheriff’s office if you see suspicious or criminal activity 850-436-9630 and ask to have then send a car out, or for an emergency dial 911
  • Our Neighborhood Watch information can be found at https://www.facebook.com/Heronsforestneighborhoodwatch/  Be sure to LIKE the page
  • Contact the Property Manager’s office to have your phone listed on the Gate directory so that you may respond to a call from the Gate and open it remotely
  • Do keep your pets leashed when off your property and do pick up after them (there are coyotes, snakes and hawks in our area that can harm your pets so please keep careful watch; pet excrement is messy as well as unhealthy but you can carry a plastic bag to pick up after your pets)
  • Keep your garage doors closed for security (people and critters) if you are not in the immediate area
  • Do keep the leaves and other tree droppings along your curb area cleaned up as this will keep our drains clear in the case of flooding rains


  • Dump yard waste in the Wetlands or Greenspace
  • Remove trees more than 4” in diameter at chest height without prior approval from the ARC
  • Park on the street overnight – this is hazardous on our narrow streets
  • Park RVs, boat trailers or utility trailers on the street other than temporarily for cleaning and provisioning – this is both hazardous and unsightly.  You may park them in your driveway for not more than 48 hours
  • Commercial vehicles must be parked inside your garage
  • Park RVs, boat or utility trailers in the pool parking area
  • Park on any unprepared surfaces (for instance, on Grallatorial, there are sprinkler heads that may be damaged)

 If you have any questions concerning Heron’s Forest policies, please review the 2014 Policy Guidance online or contact the Property Manager, Shawn Millard, at Perdido Sand Realty

5615 Bauer Rd.  850-492-2000

Shawn Millard, LCAM/Realtor  cell: 850-637-4661






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