Curbs and Cars

Our curbs are a constant irritant to all of us and can potentially cause damage to our vehicles.
Unfortunately, you MAY NOT ALTER THE CURB. (See pp 8 & 9 of the Architectural Guidelines: Garages, Driveways & Walkways - "cuts of the existing curbing are not permitted")

The slope and dimensions of the curb are necessary to the integrity of the Storm Water Management Plan (see legal/documents tab, Article IV Restrictions & Covenants, Section 8, Lot Drainage) as designed and approved when Heron's Forest was developed.
Escambia County's approval of the plan included the statement that failure to comply with all elements of the plan shall be a violation of county ordinances and subject to fines and penalties.

Damage to vehicles may be mitigated by slowly approaching your driveway at an angle. A recommendation has been made to approach from different directions to minimize wear and tear on each axle and other drive components on your vehicle over time. Also, be sure to warn your visitors of the steep curb.

This may not seem like an ideal solution to everyone, but on a positive note, last Spring we encountered the worst flooding in Pensacola history and our storm drain management system worked as advertised. Unlike many neighboring communities, no homes in the "Forest" experienced flood damage.
When we get a hard rain, take the time to observe how well our streets drain and the retention pond system works.  This is also why it is important that we keep those storm drains clear of debris.
Excerpts from Storm Management PlanDocument1 (3)
this links to a drawing of the curb and then a description of our hydraulic conditions.

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