Repost of policy on grass in the Forest

Because not everyone checks the Policy links, as the webmaster, I am posting this policy information from Dayre as an Article of Interest.  Please note why the ARC now allows Zoysia in addition to St. Augustine.  The links above provide more information on both types of grass.  You may need to click on the link twice in order to see it.
“The 2012 change to Florida Statute 720.3075 prevents us (regardless of the CC&Rs or Architectural Guidelines) from prohibiting grasses or plants more drought tolerant than St. Augustine. The Architectural Review Committee researched grasses for this area and recommended either St. Augustine or Zoysia. Last year the Board approved Zoysia as an acceptable alternative to St. Augustine. This is a reposting of information previously available on this website.”
Thanks, Dayre

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