Pool bracelets and rule reminders

POOL BRACELETS: One adult in your group should have a blue and white pool bracelet in their possession when using Heron’s Forest’s Pool. The bracelets are marked “HFPOA Pool 2013-2014”. The property management company, Perdido Sands, has a new supply of bracelets for residents needing one. There is a limited supply and only one bracelet is issued per household and can be used by any adult family member or guest. All residents must “self-police” this policy to protect the Association. We went to the bracelet system last year when the cypher lock became unserviceable and the bracelet and gate lock met our insurance requirements at a cost savings. Unsupervised children are not permitted at the pool. These rules are essential to ensure safety and security. In the past we have experienced vandalism and unsupervised non-resident teens using the pool. Our security cameras are in place now and deter most of the problems. If you observe unauthorized use of the pool, notify the property manager.

When the tennis courts are completed we’ll update the court and pool policies (to be discussed at the July Board meeting).
Thanks, Dayre

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