NO Dumping of yard waste in Green Space

Dumping of yard waste in the Green Space adjacent to your property is a violation of HFPOA policy and Florida Department of Environmental Protection rules. It can lead to fines and the cost of removing any dumped yard waste. If you observe anyone dumping waste on the trails or in the woods or wetland, notify the property manager at 850-492-2000.
There are about 4.5 acres around us that we call the Greenspace. Actually, it is a nature conservancy owned by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP). FDEP has granted us a conservation easement for limited use of the area (hiking, bird watching, etc). The purpose of the EPA easement is ” … to assure that the subject lands will be retained and maintained forever predominately in the natural vegetative and hydrological condition….” Specifically prohibited, among other things, is the removal or destruction of trees, shrubs, or other vegetation and the dumping of waste.
Yard Trash Pick-Up:Do not use your garbage or recycling can for yard waste. Yard waste is collected separately from household garbage.
Place bagged, bundled, or canned yard waste within two feet of the curb and away from the street/road.
Small yard waste, leaves, pine straw and grass clippings must be contained in standard garbage containers or plastic bags that do not exceed 32 gallons in size or weigh more than 40 pounds when full. The ECUA will collect up to 20 plastic yard trash bags or cans each week.
Cut limbs should not exceed six feet in length or 40 pounds in weight, and must be bundled in two piles of no more than two 6’ W x 6’ D x 6’ H piles.Yard Waste, as defined by the ECUA Sanitation Program, includes: leaves, pine straw, grass clippings and small prunings. Yard waste piles that are over the ECUA size limit and building materials will not be picked up as part of the bulky waste program. However, these items can be removed for an additional charge. Please call ECUA Customer Service at 850-476-0480 or e-mail to request an extra sanitation service estimate for pick-up of these items.
Dayre Lias
President, Heron’s Forest Property Owners Association

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