Heron’s Forest Break In Feb 18 2014

Notice to all Heron’s Forest Homeowner’s

“A break-in occurred this morning, Feb 18th, on Tanager Circle between 0930 and 1030 when the residents were out of the house for around 45 minutes. It was obvious the thieves had been observing the property. Thieves hip-checked the back sliding glass door and made off with their safe and jewelry. Tire tracks from the resident’s own dolly let to where the getaway vehicle was apparently parked at the end of the cul-de-sac. Any one with any information on suspicious activity or vehicles at the end of Tanager circle or anywhere in Heron’s Forest please immediately notify the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office at 850-436-9630.”

5 thoughts on “Heron’s Forest Break In Feb 18 2014

  1. The gates should be closed 24/7 at this time. An upgrade of the security cameras is in progress and when it is completed we will evaluate going back to leaving the gates open in the AM and PM. Also, the board is reviewing a proposal to reissue all new gate codes. As one concerned homeowner stated, the gates will not always keep the “bad guys”out. The gates do however, along with the security cameras, deter many who would threaten our safety and security. Our best defense is community awareness. If you see something or some one suspicious tell someone–your neighbors, the property manager, a board member or the sheriff’s department depending on the level of your concern.

  2. Due to the recent burglary the gates were placed in a closed state, meaning they will be in a “hold open” status during the morning or afternoon/evening time. So that is the reason why you have noticed the change in the gates. If you have any questions please feel free to contact the Homeowner’s Association President. He approved the change and provide a little more added security.

  3. Fred Sebasstian says:

    Seems the thieves were familiar with where things were located. Who would know about that–the movers?

  4. Another concerned homeowner says:

    Closing the gates makes us feel better, but in reality, they don’t and won’t stop anyone. Anyone can glide in behind a car especially during the daytime. We need to remain vigilant and report strange activity.

  5. Concerned Resident says:

    This is an OUTRAGE. If the gates are monitored by the cameras that are there, this should help identify the perpetrators.

    Stop giving out the code to delivery services as well.