Keymunity Yard Sale Nov. 2

The Perdido Bay United Methodist Church and Community Center are hosting another community yard sale! Bring in all your junk and turn it into someone else’s treasure. Buy a Vendor Booth for $20, or 2 for $35, sell all that stuff, and keep the profit! We provide a 12×12 foot space and a table (first come first serve basis) for our booths, and do all the marketing for you! We are sure you will make a profit off of all the stuff that you have just taking up precious space in your home. Open to the public and concessions available, this event is perfect for money-makers and money-savers alike! If you are looking for a great deal, this is the place to be on Saturday Nov 2nd!!

If you are interested in reserving a booth, please contact Christina at either 850-497-0000 or

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