Hurricane preparedness for the Forest – status

2013SWAGcover-webHurricane Preparedness                            August 30, 2013

Dear neighbors, none of us wants another Ivan or Katrina type storm to wreck havoc on our little community, but we have to accept hurricanes as a fact of life here on the Gulf coast.  We also know from that experience, that it may be several days after such a disaster before things like the streets being cleared and  electricity being restored can happen.  During that time, we have to depend upon ourselves and in order to help our planning, your Heron’s Forest Association has formed a Hurricane Preparedness Committee.

Chaired by Royal and Melinda Connell, the Committee is organizing some basic preparations so that, in case of a major storm, we are in the best possible position to help our neighbors.

During the next couple of weeks, you may be asked to serve as a Block Captain, or a neighbor may call upon you identifying him or herself as a Block Captain.  Each Block Captain will have about 10 houses that they are responsible for.  They will have a form for you to fill out so that we can collect data for the community.  This isn’t going to be published or shared outside the committee, but it will give us an idea of what we might need to know in case of an emergency.

If there is a storm threatening, the Block Captain will again call you and find out if you are intending to stay or evacuate and how many of you are in each home.  That way if something happens, we can save valuable time and energy in rescue efforts and other relief actions.  We will also have a better idea of who needs the most help such as the elderly or those with impaired mobility.

As always the Heron’s Forest website has a wealth of information and we will try to keep it updated with the status of the community and after-storm actions.  Please help us in these efforts and if you have any questions, please contact Royal or Melinda at or a member of your Heron’s Forest board.

Thank you.

One thought on “Hurricane preparedness for the Forest – status

  1. Dayre Lias says:

    The newly formed Hurricane Committee volunteers are doing a great job at preparing “The Forest” for the event we hope never happens. Please help your neighbors by cooperating with the Block Captains. We can always use more volunteers for Block Captains or anyone with expertise in disaster preparedness. Thanks to Royal and Melinda Connell for getting this effort off to a great start.
    Dayre Lias
    President, HFPOA