Complaints about pet violations

Please be considerate of your neighbors. When you bought or rented in Heron’s Forest you contracted to abide by the covenants of the Association. Review the following. If you have questions or a violation to report, call Aquatic Realty 492-4632 . There is a $50 fine for violations.

CC&R Article IV Section 10 Pets
No animal of any kind shall be kept or maintained on any Lot except that dogs, cats or other customary household pets may be kept provided that they are duly licensed, if applicable, that they do not constitute an annoyance or nuisance; that they are well groomed and maintained in a sanitary condition; that they are not kept or bred for any commercial purposes; and that such pets are not permitted to be present beyond the boundaries of the Owners Lot without being leashed or caged. When any such authorized pets are beyond the boundaries of the Owner’s Lot, the Owner shall be responsible for the prompt clean up and sanitary disposition of any solid pet excretion.

One thought on “Complaints about pet violations

  1. Thanks for posting this. Also, it is not considerate to allow your pet to use other people’s yards as their potty place. It ruins the grass and some of us have little kids who like to run and play in the grass. Please be considerate and have your pet use your own yard. Thanks for everyone’s cooperation.