Herons Forest yard sale

Heron’s Forest Yard Sale Flier

Time Extended to 8-12!

Want to Participate?

Saturday April 20th

We are asking that you pay $5 to cover the following:

Ads in the PNJ, fliers, a balloon for each mailbox, payment for a “gatekeeper,” and signage and balloons for the street.  Please fill out the form at the bottom of the Flier link, enclose $5 CASH, and call Abby prior to dropping off your form.  DEADLINE is April 5th


Abby Durrance at 850-525-8303

9895 Rail Circle

7 thoughts on “Herons Forest yard sale

  1. Andi Sortino says:

    I would like to participate. 10231 Grackle Court. 850-393-0531. I will bring by the money this evening.

  2. Cheryl Pyle says:

    And if it rains we understand it becomes a “garage sale”, right?
    Move your cars out and the yard sale inside the garage.
    Cheryl Pyle

  3. Abby Durrance says:

    For those of you following the website, we have 20 people signed up, so the yard sale will take place! On the evening of Friday the 19th, those participating will receive a latex balloon and string. Everyone is to blow up and tie the balloon to your mailbox by 8am on the 20th. This will serve as an additional visual as “shoppers” will also receive a neighborhood map with participating homes highlighted.

    Thank you for everyone’s participation. If you have any questions please call or text me.


  4. Liz Senkus says:

    Abby, I would definitely like to participate. Our address: 10083 Rookery Road, but not for long. We are moving very soon. I will drop the sign-up money tomorrow. I really hope this event “flies.” Thank you for organizing it.

    Liz Senkus

  5. Abby Durrance says:

    Although many residents have shown interest, we only have six officially signed up. In order to cover costs, we need 20 residents to participate. If you’re interested, please get your form and $5 to me and encourage your neighbors to do the same.


    9895 Rail Cir

  6. Dayre Lias says:

    Thanks Abby for organizing the yard sale. It’s a lot of hard work with many potential head aches. I encourage the residents of “The Forest” to be specially vigilant during the event to make certain our security is not compromised and it becomes a rewarding neighborhood event. If I can be of any assistance, let me know. Dayre

  7. Kim Marcus says:

    I would like to participate. My address is: 10372 Foggy Bottom Road. I haven’t had a chance to drop off the money, but will get it to you shortly.

    Thank you.