This am (0800) I was walking my dog, Luci the Attack Basset on Lorikeet toward the circle, when Luci stiffened and did not want to continue forward. I coyotelooked up and thought I glimpsed a strange dog (Coyote). I dragged Luci with me and as we got near the circle, sure as heck; there was a coyote trotting around the circle to exit on the nature trail going east. This is my third (confirmed)sighting of a coyote in the past six months—keep an eye on your pets, they are food.

Dr. Ken Nolde, 10/13/2012

One thought on “Coyote Sightings

  1. Cathy Ingram says:

    Must be the same one that I spotted across the pond on the Foggy Bottom side facing Jabiru. He headed toward the stream down behind Jabiru and Landfall.