No dog poopTo Owners, Renters and Guests. It has been brought to my attention that we still have problem with folks not picking up after their dogs. To clarify the rules, we expect you will pick up after your dogs on lawns, common areas, lots and the street. There has been a particular problem in the lots across from the Grallatorial homes. Please help us keep our neighborhood clean and sanitary.

Paul Tobin, President, HFPOA 10/8/2012

One thought on “Calling all Dog Owners

  1. Cathy Ingram says:

    Also, can we ask that dog owners who walk their dogs in the neighborhood NOT allow their dogs to use homeowners’ private property for their bathroom? I do not wish to have dog waste remains (yes even after it is picked up) on my grass since I have children playing in my yard. I walk my dog in my back yard or around the pond and pick it up rather than on my front lawn. Please walk your dog on your own property, not mine. Thank you for cooperating!