Better Check Your Mailbox

As we were returning home on Rookery this afternoon, we observed a young girl (12-14?) pushing a stroller with a youngster in it. Two other young girls were walking with them opening mailboxes as they passed by. My wife heard our mailbox close as she was getting out of the car. The teenager and one of the smaller girls had two separate mailboxes open across the street and my wife could see that there was mail in both boxes. She told them to close the mailboxes, step away, and not to open any more. They continued down Rookery and returned to dance in our front yard and taunt my wife.

I’m not so upset with the kids, but I do wonder who and where the responsible adults are that raised this bunch to be disrespectful of other people and their property.

mail tampering posterP.S. The Feds don’t look kindly on tampering with the mail.

Curt Preston, 4/25/2012

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