Vandalism Alert

I’m sure you have heard some reports of vandalism and petty theft in our neighborhood. The number of incidents this year is higher than usual but I don’t think it is a problem we cannot solve.

We would all like to think the incidents of theft from open vehicles and defacing of property with eggs and cheese wiz are coming from an outside source, but I would not be surprised if some of the incidents were from our own neighborhood.

In that regard, the Board of Directors asks that we all increase our vigilance and take simple measures to protect our property. Vehicles left in driveways or parked on the street should be locked. When you are not at home, all of your exterior doors including the garage should be locked. If you see or hear unusual noises or groups, record the time and place and report them to the Etheridge property managers, the local police, or Board members. Your board members are all volunteers and are not necessarily fast responders.

We also ask that parents be alert to the activities of their teen age children who may be restless during vacations and weekends.

I hope there will be no more incidents, but if there are, I’m sure we will be able to localize and identify the culprits.

I hope nobody despairs about our neighborhood, for these types of incidents have been all too common in the many areas where we have lived during our Navy adventures, here and overseas. Navy housing was no exception.

For those who have witnessed and reported incidents, we thank you and ask everybody to stay alert.

Best regards, Paul Tobin, Heron’s Forest Property Owner’s Association

Etheridge Property Management 484-2611
Local Sheriff’s Office 436-9630

Paul Tobin, President HFPOA, 3/21/2012

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