Letter from the Board President

As your new President, I wanted to introduce myself and give you my view of the important issues for the Association in the year ahead.

I am retired Navy and have been an owner since 2006. We were attracted to Heron’s Forest by the appearance, landscaping and security of the neighborhood. I have served on the Board of Directors for two years as Treasurer and Vice President. This will be my last year on the Board.

It is very important that new leadership step up to relieve the current Board. Limited Board turnover and the resulting lack of fresh minds looking into our Association may have led to some of the problems several years ago. We also are seeing an increase in renters and a population that is growing younger. There are also more children in the neighborhood which is fine with me. We need more of the younger owners to join the Board and I am open to creating non-voting positions for renters on the Board and the Committees.

Members of the Board are not compensated. I wish we could do that, but state laws will not allow it.

Thanks to hard work by many people and your cooperation, the financial health of the Association is good and we are well on the way to having a reserve fund that can address our future needs. Several years from now we will have to start repaving the community, and our reserves are driven by that requirement. Maintenance of our common properties is programmed in the reserve and it is our goal to keep our facilities in excellent condition for your use and for the value of your investment.

We are managed by Etheridge Properties (850 484 2611) and our representatives are Kim Coffey and Jodi Murray. Short term issues like street light outages, improper disposal of garbage, illegal parking of vehicles, illegal signage, etc. should be directed to them. They will make our rules and regulations available to any who ask. Longer term problems should be brought to the Board which meets every other month.

I have heard some complaints about our Board meeting time of 4:00 PM on working days. Usually, we have less than ten attendees at each meeting. With 181 owners that is not too good. As an experiment our next meeting will be held at 1:00 PM on Saturday 24 March (corrected date) at the Southwest Branch Library on Beach Highway. I’m hoping we will have more attendees which might include some future Board volunteers.

We have a Directory of addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addresses. Privacy rules do not allow us to put it on the website, but Lynne Tobin can provide you with an electronic or hard copy.

I assure you that Lynne and I are owners for the long haul and want to keep our community as one of the very best in the area.

Sincerely, Paul Tobin

Paul Tobin, 1/30/2012.

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