Trees in the Forest

Trees in the “Forest”

Each of us was enticed to live in Heron’s Forest. We were drawn to its native forest, the landscaping of individual properties, and the overall appearance of the subdivision. Our expectation is that the natural beauty, appearance and tranquility will be maintained. Also, we fully expect our investment to increase in value.
We may not have envisioned how much work would be required, or consider our individual responsibility. When we purchased our property we agreed to adhere to the Covenants, the Bylaws, and Architectural Guidelines. Your deed reflects this agreement. To assist you in following these guidelines, the Association Board of Directors recently distributed a Policy Guidance pamphlet. Many recent questions and requests from residents indicate misunderstandings still exist.
Removal of trees is the most frequent topic of misunderstanding. The Policy Guidance Pamphlet (the green booklet you found in your newspaper slot) clearly discusses when and how to get approval from our Architectural Review Committee. If you have misplaced yours, you can find it and all the legal documents it is derived from on this website.
Hurricane season has just begun and the first tropical storm is brewing in the Gulf. Now is the time to look at your trees and shrubs and determine if they will create wind borne hazards. You may trim trees and shrubs, as you deem necessary. If you think they need removed, contact DJ Drury our property manager with your request. The Board is working on speeding up the process. One limitation we have is availability of ARC members. We need more volunteers to join the ARC—if you are interested please contact any board member.

Dayre C. Lias
President, HFPOA

NOTE: The attached article from HOA America gives additional information on the trees we all love (and sometimes hate!)

7 thoughts on “Trees in the Forest

  1. In the fall, the forest will thin out a bit with some trees losing leaves. Other than that, I suggest you contact the ARC to see if they have any idea what may be happening. You could ask at the Annual Meeting too, I guess.

  2. Don Watson says:

    ARC –

    We notice the unfortunate ‘thinning’ of the ‘forest’ around/behind our property on Grackle Ct.

    Being relatively new residents – about one year – we wonder if we’re the only residents noticing this happening. It is now obvious that we are able to see through – perhaps 100 yards (our estimate) – and see structures that were not visible at the time we moved to HF.

    The beauty of HF is without question the trees and undergrowth. Watching it disappear is VERY concerning. There must be a reason and solution… is anything being done about this?

  3. The Architectural Review Committee (ARC) will be able to assist you.
    Please contact ARC: Royal Connell
    10080 Rookery Rd

  4. Joseph Monier says:

    I have (3) trees on my property that are diseased and deteriorating and pose a danger during hurricane season. AVAILABLE Anytime… Reply by EOD 22JULY 2015

  5. On the Architectural Review Board – try Jim Pritchard or Andy Taylor

  6. You probably will have to contact an arborist and then the Architect Review Board to let them review the results.

  7. Martin Hozian says:

    Is someone available to determine if a tree has a disease and should be removed?

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