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  1. My back yard resembles a deep swimming pool, with water four feet up my foundation. This is why the conservation easement culvert system needs to be kept clear of debris pile ups, to keep our properties safe from flooding. Our Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions, provides for “maintenance of the Conservation Easement.” There is a stream back there with a culvert under Rookery Road. When it gets blocked, the water flow is inhibited and can’t handle a deluge. The rain water backs up and spread out, and up the foundations of our homes.

    Our master drainage plan for Heron’s Forest doesn’t work efficiently when debris is constricting our storm water management and discharge facilities. Perhaps we should spend more money on cleaning out our drainage system and less money on manicuring the cone shaped trees to perfection, our topiary garden on Rookery Road.

    I would suggest keeping your children and pets out of the water. I have seen two large water moccasins swimming by. They have been displaced from their homes in the Conservation Easement.

  2. Uilma Meehan says:

    Hi, I would like to know if Herons Forest will have garage sell this year. If so, when? Thank you in advance.


  3. suggest you contact the Property Manager for Heron’s Forest dj.drury@cox.net, dj@aquaticrealty.com,
    while our documents are online via our webpage tabs, I am not sure if the actual plot line part of the documents are there

  4. Mindy Bailey says:

    wanting a plot plan of Heron’s Forest for a potential buyer

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