HFPOA Board Meeting Minutes September, 22nd 2015

Heron’s Forest Property Owners Association

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes of September 22, 2015

Held at the SW Branch Escambia County Library.

12248 Gulf Beach Hwy. Pensacola, FL 32507


  1. Meeting Called to order at 6:00 P.M, Roll Call.

Dayre Lias called the meeting to order at 6:00 P.M.

The following Board Members were present: Dayre Lias, Kim Brungraber, Chris Joyce, Royal Connell, Trey Savitz and Shawn McLaughlin.

Shawn Millard of Perdido Sand Realty, Inc. was also present.

  1. Proof of Notice

Dayre Lias stated proof of notice was provided on the bulletin board at the pool gazebo and a sign was placed at the entrance to the community and the association’s website.

  1. Agenda Consent and Reorder

Dayre Lias stated under New Business, item e. should state “contract” instead of “contact”.

  1. Approval of Minutes

Chris Joyce made a motion to approve the meeting minutes from the July 23, 2015 board meeting as presented. Royal Connell seconded the motion. With all in favor, the motion passed.

  1. Treasurer’s Report

Kim Brungraber gave an update on the financials. Treasurer’s report attached. Kim Brungraber made a motion to have the pooling of reserves question on the annual meeting proxy. Royal Connell seconded the motion. With all in favor, the motion passed.

  1. Property Manager’s Report

Shawn Millard gave the property manager’s report. Shawn Millard stated 103 letters have been sent out since the last Board Meeting. There were 98 violation letters and 5 ARC letters. Shawn stated the gate sign for the entrance is ready to be picked up and installed. The curbing repairs have been completed along Rookery. Shawn stated he has also received a proposal for poles to be installed in front of the curbs.


  1. Committee Reports 
  1. Landscaping/Grounds Committee

Shawn McLaughlin gave an update for the Landscaping Committee. Shawn stated new LED lights were installed at the entrance. Shawn stated Executive Landscaping pulled up the plants at Rail and Rookery. Shawn stated the common areas are due to be pressure washed in October. The pine straw should be replaced in the middle of October as well.

  1. ARC

Royal Connell gave an update on the ARC. Royal stated there is a lot on tanager that an owner is looking to build on. The owner submitted temporary plans for review and the ARC is waiting to hear back from the builder on questions regarding the initial plans that were submitted. Royal stated there is a plant pallet for the Association that needs to be followed. Royal stated most owners are aware of the guidelines.

  1. Street Subcommittee

Chris joyce gave an update for the Street Subcommittee. Chris stated the committee had one brief meeting and they were hoping to get an opinion of an engineer to get a good scope of what will need to be done. Chris stated the committee will be meeting soon to get more details. Chris stated some of the curbing is cracked and this should also be looked at when doing the road project.

  1. Communications (Website, Facebook)

Trey Savitz stated he would like to ensure new owners are getting notified of the Association’s Facebook page and website. Dayre Lias stated PSRi sends a welcome packet that should include that information once a warranty deed is received from the owner. Shawn Millard stated they can use a HUD statement also.


  1. Unfinished Business
  1. Trial Bridge-Eagle Scout Project

Royal Connell stated the brudge is located behind Tanager and Lorikeet. Royal stated all of the old debris has been removed. The piers are being built so the project can be completed. The decking should be completed in October.Royal stated some issues were run into with permitting and approval. Royal stated the FDOEP and the ACOE were needed to review the project. Escambia County stated a building permit was also needed for the project. Royal stated after discussions with County Commisioner Doug Underhill the project is back to normal.

  1. Pool Bracelets, pool security, sports court sign, no smoking sign

Dayre Lias stated the sports court sign needs to have “No Dogs” placed on it. The owners only sign is also down. An owner stated that one of the cameras is covered up by ivy.

  1. New Business
  1. 2016 Board Nominations, appointment of nominating committee

Dayre Lias read his resignation letter to the Board of Directors and submitted the letter to Kim Brungraber. Dayre stated the resignation will take place immediately after the annual meeting. Dayre stated the 2016 officers will be elected immediately after the annual meeting. The new board members will be on three year terms and they are nominated by the nominating committee and then elected by the owners. Dayre stated Kim Brungraber, Shawn McGlaughlin, Royal Connell and himself are due to come off the Board in 2016. Chris Joyce’s term ends in 2017. Dayre stated he will not be on the board next year, Shawn Mcglauglin and Collins case may resign and Chris joyce may be moving. Dayre stated the Vice President is typically the chair of the nominating committeethe By-Laws call for three members on the committee. Kim Brungraber made a motion to start a nominating committee with Chirs Joyce as chair, Marcia Sevold as a member, and Ken Berling as a member. Chris Joyce seconded the motion. With all in favor, the motion passed. 

  1. Rental Policy

Dayre Lias stated in the past couple of years owners have been renting their homes more using a management company. Dayre stated PSRi has let the Board know that it may not be legal to prevent multiple renters from renting a house. Dayre stated Coastal Law stated the definition of a single family home deals with the structure and not the actual number of renters. Dayre stated somethig else the board can try is to have the governing documents amended, which could take a year to complete. Dayre stated he is going to let the next Board of Directors decide how to proceed. Dayre stated behavioral problems should have the sheriff notified and violations should be reported to PSRi. 

  1. Policy on construction of fences without previous ARC approval

Dayre Lias stated there was a fence built years ago and it was nto approved by the previous ARC. Royal Connell stated he would like to meet with the ARC and discuss further.

  1. Vendor 2016 Contract Approval

Kim Brungraber stated she received a majority of letter back from vendors regarindg price increase for their contracts. TNT cleaning and Anchor Pest control are the only two that have not been received. Kim stated Executive Landscping is going to increase their contract by 10%. Kim stated TNT Cleaning is not doing a satisfactory job and she will get with PSRi to get pricing on cleaning. Kimstate she received a proposal for just the pvc portion of the fencing and it was $28,000. Kim stated a 6% increase should be expected every year.

  1. New pool pump proposal

Dayre Lias stated two years ago there were issues with the pool pump. Since it was replaced the current pool pump is very loud. The current pump is a one speed constant and has 2 ½” plumbing feeding into 1 ½” plumbing. Dayre and Shawn Mcglaughlin met with Faithful Pools to discuss the pump. Faithful Pool submitted a proposal for $7,810 for a variable speed pump and re-plumbing the lines. Kim Brungraber stated she would recommend taking the funds from contengincey. Chris Joyce made a motion to approve Faithful Pools proposal of $7,810 to replace the pump. Kim Brungraber seconded the motion. With all in favor, the motion passed.


  1. Scheduling of Next Board Meeting

The next scheduled meeting is the annual meeting. This will be held on December 17, 2015 at 6:00 PM. The board meeting will be directly after.

  1. Adjournment:

Chris Joyce made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Kim Brungraber seconded the motion. With all in favor, the motion passed. The meeting adjourned at 7:20 p.m.

Submitted by, Shawn Millard, CAM – PSRi

Heron’s Forest Property Owners Association


Treasurer Report- September 22, 2015


Checking Account:             $34,325.73

Money Market Savings: $100,936.17

TOTAL:               $135,261.90

Total Reserves:                                    $337.473.33

Financial Total of cash assets: $472,735.23


Income to date: $233,018.79

Outstanding Late Assessments due (Lien on Property with Coastal Law): $9531.22

Outstanding Assessments due: $775.00

Violation fees due: $150.00


Expenses to date: $112,685.78

Budgeted expense for rest of the year: $121,104.90

Forecasted actual expenses: $98,772.81

Budgeted Reserve: $30,000

Budgeted Contingency: $8417.68

Approx. amount year end under budget: $13,914.41



                  September 18, 2015: Transferred $25,000.00 from Money Market Savings to Checking

Requested Perdido Sand Realty to collect bids for replacement cost Front Fence, Brick Pillars, and Signage for Insurance Coverage and to update reserve amount.

Requested Perdido Sand Realty to look into the process of turning in the cost of front gate repairs to insurance company because of lightning strike.


HFPOA Full Audit with Kevin Carlson CPA completed. See next page for details.



ATTENDANCE: Kim Brungraber (Treasurer), Dayre Lias (President), Shawn Millard (Perdido Sand CAM), DJ Martin (Perdido Sand Book Keeper). Kevin Carlson (CPA)

LOCATION: Perdido Sand Realty

  1. There was no sign of Fraud or misappropriation of funds.
  1. Adjusting audit entries for year-end 2014.
    1. Adjust Operating, Replacement, & Opening balance Equity
    2. Adjust intercompany amount for 2013 not spent until 2014 (pertaining to new Tennis Court).
    3. Correct 10/17/13 entry to Open Balance Equity per 2013 tax entry. (Needed because of how amount was carried over from Peachtree account to QuickBooks).
    4. Record CD replacement Fund interest.
    5. Adjust prepaid insurance.
    6. Record market value on investment account
    7. Re-class replacement fund interest
    8. Record prior period adjustments for prepaid insurance @ 12/31/13
    9. Adjust reserve funds spent on new tennis court 2014
    10. Record October 2014 permanent transfer to equity.
    11. Adjust for 2014 income tax accrual.
    12. Reverse vital signs payable
    13. Re-class late fees
  1. Audit Adjusting entry account numbers have a 1- & 2- added in front of current chart of account numbers to indicate if it is an operating account or reserve account.
  1. Discussion on the difference between 1120 and 1120-H tax return. In the past 1120 tax return was filed. For 2014 1120-H tax return will be filed by Kevin Carlson. 1120-H is for Home Owners Association. Kevin recommended we use 1120-H going forward.
  1. Different Types of Reserves was discussed:

Pooled Reserves Effective December, 2002, Rules 61B-22.003 and 61B-22.005, Florida Administrative Code, were amended to allow associations to establish “pooled” reserve accounts instead of, or in addition to, individual reserve accounts. This means that an association may have a single source of funds to pay for multiple categories of reserve expenses. For example, if an association establishes a pooled reserve account for roof replacement, building painting and pavement resurfacing, funds may be drawn from this account to pay for any of the three items. Prior to the change in the rules associations were required to maintain (Segregated Reserves) separate accounts for each of these items and approval from the membership would be required in order to use funds from one category to pay for another. (Currently HFOA has Segregated Reserves).

  1. Discussion on what should be mailed out in the annual mailing. These items must be included.
    1. Is the reserves fully funded for that year:

Florida Statues indicate that, once reserve accounts are established, there are certain requirements that must be followed. Florida Statures 720(6)(e) and 720(6)(g) outline formulas for determining the amount that should be set aside for future replacements. The amount to be transferred to reserves is to be set in the budget at a specific amount, as determined following the procedures of the Florida Statue. Any variance from this initially determined specific amount (whether it be no funding, less than full funding, or funding beyond what was initially budgeted) must be approved by a vote of the majority of owners.

  1. Compiled Financial Statements:
    1. Profit and Loss Report
    2. Approved Budget
  • Balance Sheet
  1. Reserve Detail Report

Kim Brungraber

HFPOA Treasurer/Secretary