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New amendment to our CCR – April 2023

This amendment is also printed on the Legal Documents page Prepared By: John “Jay” A. Fraiser, Jr. Moorhead Law Group, PLLC 127 Palafox Place, Suite 200 Pensacola, FL 32502 CERTIFICATE OF AMENDMENT AND SECOND AMENDMENT TO THE DECLARATION OF COVENANTS, CONDITIONS AND RESTRICTIONS FOR HERON’S FOREST STATE OF FLORIDA COUNTY OF ESCAMBIA HERON’S FOREST PROPERTY […]

Open House real estate information –

The HOA would like homeowners the note that you should provide instructions to realtors on the requirements to have a person at gate to let prospective buyers into Herons Forest.  This is for the security of all residents, however, there are various ways to comply with monitoring the front gate so as not to give […]

May 2022 Update from HOA President

  Homeowners and ResidentsA lot has been going on in Herons Forest since our last board meeting.  Our next meeting will be on Monday, 13 June 22 at the SW branch of the public library at 5:45 to 6:45 PM.   The library closes at 7 and we have to put the meeting room back to […]

Update on trees from President Susan

Good afternoon! I have a few updates to report to you. The first issue is the new tree cutting schedule. TriState will be sending a tree cutting crew and a trimming crew from December 14th to 16th. Only the trimming crew will be out from December 21st to 23rd. We appreciate your patience so far and hope […]

Homeowner Update 11.12.2020     Thu, Nov 12, 2020 3:04 pm HFPOA President ( DetailsGood afternoon! I have an update for you. Tree Project We are on the fourth day of the project and no doubt you have noticed no TriState equipment is in the neighborhood. The Board Members monitoring the project have noticed that the crew sent […]

Update from our President

There are a few more things I wanted to talk about but let me apologize first for speaking in generalities and perhaps sounding like I am “preaching to the choir”.  This neighborhood has about ten new homeowners and perhaps twenty new residents. The distinction being that not all residents are homeowners. I cannot assume that […]

Post Sally news for Heron’s Forest 10/08/20

1. Please have tree cutting contractors take the debris out of the neighborhood, as has been required before Sally. Be sure to get their pricing to do that before you allow them to cut ARC approved trees.2. The pool was shocked today with a very large amount of chlorine. Please refrain from swimming in the […]

Report of the Emergency Board Meeting 9/25/20 on Hurricane Sally

An Emergency Board Meeting was called on Friday, September 25th at 1pm. Four Board members were present, two absent. During the meeting, we discussed: 1.       The proposed post-hurricane clean up Plan for the first 45 days. The Plan was approved with a few minor changes. 2.       Our current financial condition. We are on track with the budget but do […]

This is the working version of the Board’s clean up plan

Hurricane Sally Clean Up Plan 1st 45 days Trees, by priority Remove common area trees so damaged as to be an obvious and impending danger of injury or severe damage to a Homeowner’s property. These trees have been identified. We still need a vendor to provide an estimate before we can move forward. Remove, move […]

Hurricane Sally recovery updates

Hi, all. We have a number of vendors contacting homeowners for their recovery services. Some are terrific and others are not. The following is an excerpt from a letter from a Community Association attorney, cautioning Boards. This is good advice to Homeowners as well. Be sure to also use the Better Business Bureau or other sources to […]

Latest news on Trout Point Boardwalk and those busy beavers creating a dam.

Happy Sunday all. Sorry to take up your leisure time.I just want to let everyone know that I am following a plan given to me by the head of the department charged with administering the work on Trout Point. We are, under no circumstances, to do anything about either the beaver dam or the Boardwalk. […]

How to search for HFPOA policies and documents

If you are searching for Heron’s Forest documents and/or policies: Go to our website (where you are now) and at the home page menu, hover over the Tab for About the Forest and use the down arrows to select (click on) one of 4 choices – Resident Info will give you a list of questions and the resources to answer them. […]

Update to the Update 6/29/20

Me, again.So, I have some non-Board Meeting updates. Curb washing of common area curbs and the pool facilities is not yet completed. The vendor should be back this week to finish. If you see their truck, you should not park in the pool lot until they finish that area. I will send an email if […]

Homeowners Update 06.01.20

Homeowners Update 06.01.20     Mon, Jun 1, 2020 5:50 pmHFPOA President ( Details Hi, Neighbors! I cannot believe it is June 1st, already!!  Maybe it is a blessing this year is going by so quickly.  Just hate to rush it. This may go without saying, but the June 3rd Board Meeting has been postponed to June 24th. The […]
tent and trash left at Trout Point

Trout Point needs your help

Please do not hate the messenger folks but the homemade tent and the shoes and garbage with it, were left on the beach at Trout Point. Trout Point is property owned by the US Navy. They are already talking about not having the budget for its upkeep and maintenance. ONLY residents of Heron’s Forest have […]

HFPOA President’s update 5/8/20

Hi, Neighbors! Many of you have heard already, but for the benefit of those who have not, Jeanine Avant officially resigned from the Board.  She and Roger are moving to Panama City for a three-month assignment and from there, they still have not decided where they will go. She told me she already misses this […]

Jeanine Avant is leaving the HOA – thank you for your leadership

“Please accept my resignation from the board effective today.   Roger and I have a contract on our home and will be leaving the area very soon.   I’ve enjoyed working with each and every one of you.  It’s been a rewarding and challenging four and a half years.  The HOA is in good hands!  V/r Jeanine” […]

Message from President HFPOA 4/21/20

Hi, everybody! Just want to thank everyone for their diligence and cooperation observing the social distancing standards these past few weeks. We have had no reports from anyone who has observed any noncompliance. I didn’t really expect to have a problem, but I personally have been so thankful to have an alternative to staying in […]

From HFPOA Pres. April 4, 2020 updates

Me, again. Just want to update you on a couple of things. Governors Decree – After reading this carefully, I see no need to close the pool or tennis courts at this time, with only a few modifications. Keep practicing social distancing and limiting the number of people in the area to ten. Please refrain from […]
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