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Heron’s Forest Break In Feb 18 2014

Notice to all Heron’s Forest Homeowner’s “A break-in occurred this morning, Feb 18th, on Tanager Circle between 0930 and 1030 when the residents were out of the house for around 45 minutes. It was obvious the thieves had been observing the property. Thieves hip-checked the back sliding glass door and made off with their safe […]

Rumors of burglaries in our area

From HFPOA Presudent Dayre Lias: Some rumors have recently been voiced that a burglary crime wave has hit our immediate area.  The Escambia County’s Sheriff’s department has informed us that these rumors are unfounded.  Security awareness is always a concern and Heron’s Forest can do a better job. Here are some recommendations from Deputy Dave […]

Vandalism Alert

HOMEOWNERS AND RENTERS I’m sure you have heard some reports of vandalism and petty theft in our neighborhood. The number of incidents this year is higher than usual but I don’t think it is a problem we cannot solve. We would all like to think the incidents of theft from open vehicles and defacing of […]

Theft From Cars

Just wanted to remind our residents that we need to keep all valuables out of your cars at night & make sure you lock your vehicles due to theft in Heron’s Forest on Wednesday night. My husband’s car was broken into & the police said that we were the 4th stop in the neighborhood on […]


TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN–OR SHOULD These deposits, numbers three and four, have earned you (whoever you are) a great deal of interest. Article IV, Section 10 of the Heron’s Forest CC&R states in part “…pets are not permitted to be present beyond the boundaries of an Owner’s lot without being leashed or caged. When […]

9/11–Thought of a War Veteran

As we recall the wanton destruction and massacre of nearly 3,000 of our fellow citizens and the extraordinary acts of heroism a decade ago, let us not lose sight of what has transpired in the intervening years. We must be mindful of the subsequent deaths of more than 6,000 soldiers, 2,300 contractors and hundreds of […]