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HFPOA President’s update 5/8/20

Hi, Neighbors! Many of you have heard already, but for the benefit of those who have not, Jeanine Avant officially resigned from the Board.  She and Roger are moving to Panama City for a three-month assignment and from there, they still have not decided where they will go. She told me she already misses this […]

Dog bite and Pet rules

This past Sunday, a resident from our community was out walking when another neighbor’s dog attacked and mauled her leg. She was seriously injured and spent many long hours in the Emergency Room. She knows who owns the dog and they will be hearing from our attorney.  I want to reiterate from my last post: ALL […]

Beautiful German Shepard update — he is staying right here!

Good news – Hans will stay in the Forest as his current owner will build a fence so she can keep him and love him some more. Beautiful one year old German Shepard AKC Registered house dog, free to a good home with fenced yard. Has shots neutered, and microchipped. 850-492-9178.. Current owner will “extreme […]

Foxes and Coyotes

To help you identify who some of our visitors are.  Hoping for no more possible rabid animals.  Click on this photo to enlarge it and make the text more readable.  All of these critters are a good reason to keep your dogs on leash, cats inside if possible, and garage doors closed.

Cats and Dogs in the Forest

This morning Sept 10 there was a loose small white dog w/pink collar in the  street –Bittern & Grackle  area.   A car was coming & the dog just stood there in the middle of the street- I coaxed it to move.  Glad the driver was paying attention & driving slow.  Reminder all dogs in […]

PLEASE Dog Owners — do the right thing!

Scoop your poop — carry a plastic grocery bag or newspaper wrapper with you when you walk your adorable pup.  Poop on the street, on someone’s lawn or garden, or on the common grounds is UNACCEPTABLE!     This charming example from a medium sized happy go lucky dog was left in front of my […]

How to be a great neighbor

Please pick up your dog poop.  Hate that we have to keep asking!  I have seen dog poop on lawns of our neighbors who do not even have dogs – really!  Carry a plastic newspaper bag or grocery bag when you walk your well-behaved dog on a leash. Park on a side street or at […]

Poop pickup required!

Lily’s walk today was disappointing.  There were 2 poop piles from big dogs that she found – one on the north corner of Foggy Bottom and Rookery and one on the south corner of Rookery and Bittern.  Sadly these corners might be considered community property but dog mess is not allowed on anyone’s property including […]

White cat needs to find owner

We have had a white cat hang around our house the last few days. She hides in the bushes and seems to be very scared of humans. My daughter gave her some treats (we have a declawed indoor cat) and now she spends a lot of time at our back door waiting for more food. […]

Bird – may be someone’s pet?

Please look at this to see if he is your pet — but it may be a wild bird interested in his reflection.  If you know this bird, please contact our neighbor, Mr.Al Olsen      

Complaints about pet violations

Please be considerate of your neighbors. When you bought or rented in Heron’s Forest you contracted to abide by the covenants of the Association. Review the following. If you have questions or a violation to report, call Aquatic Realty 492-4632 . There is a $50 fine for violations. CC&R Article IV Section 10 Pets No […]

Trout Point Dogs

Owner and Renters There was an incident yesterday where two unleashed dogs harassed a runner on the Trout Point boardwalk. There are no dogs permitted on the Trout Point walkway under any circumstances, and all dogs in the neighborhood should be on a leash when outside of fenced property. Paul Tobin, President HFPOA, 11/27/2012

Annie Chihuahua Missing

Missing from Foggy Bottom at 6:45 this morning black and white long hair, black collar and county tag very skittish Lynne Tobin 497-8515 cell 850-549-5889

Calling all Dog Owners

To Owners, Renters and Guests. It has been brought to my attention that we still have problem with folks not picking up after their dogs. To clarify the rules, we expect you will pick up after your dogs on lawns, common areas, lots and the street. There has been a particular problem in the lots […]

Dog Needs Home

Very loveable small dog needs a loving home ASAP. He was found near my son’s office after the flood. He had a harness that was so tight that it had dug into his skin & new skin grew over the harness. My son called the vet & he contacted an angel who paid one a […]


“Keep an Eye on Your Small Pets” Adult coyote spotted on Foggy Bottom Rd between Rookery and Lorikeet at 9:30pm, Wednesday, April 11, 2012.” Craig Hoefer, 4/11/2012

Friendly Reminder from HF Board

The number #1 complaint the past couple of months has been dog poop in the neighborhood! Please remember our covenants stress the need for pet owners to be responsible for prompt clean up and sanitary disposal of any solid pet excrement. (and, as an added reminder, poop is not to be pushed down the storm […]


TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN–OR SHOULD These deposits, numbers three and four, have earned you (whoever you are) a great deal of interest. Article IV, Section 10 of the Heron’s Forest CC&R states in part “…pets are not permitted to be present beyond the boundaries of an Owner’s lot without being leashed or caged. When […]

Lost Labs — HOME AGAIN!

Thanks to Apryl Preston for the update 11/26/2011 2 Chocolate labs – Skeeter (10) and Otter (2) ran away Sat. 7am to go play in Navy property/Herons Forest/Trout Point nature preserve area. Child’s pets – very missed. Skeeter is older with white feet and muzzle, appears very “well fed’. Otter is high energy and very […]

Loose Dogs

Just encountered 2 loose large chocolate male lab/rottweiler mix dogs running around Jabiru Ln.  One has a blue collar, the other has no collar, no identification.  They seem friendly, but are very large.  My neighbor has him on a leash and his buddy is hanging around too. Cathy Ingram, 11/10/2011> UPDATE 11/12/2011: He broke the […]
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