Agenda HFPOA Board Meeting 10-19-16

Heron’s Forest Property Owners Association

Board of Directors Meeting Agenda

October 19, 2016 6PM

SW Branch Escambia County Library


  1. Call to Order, Roll Call
  2. Proof of Notice
  3. Approval of minutes from August board meeting
  4. Treasurer’s Report – K. Brungraber
  5. Property Manager’s Report – S. Millard
  6. Committee Reports
    1. Landscaping
    2. ARC – Royal Connell
    3. Communications
  7. Unfinished Business:
    1. Residents requested bicycle rack (completed, at pool)
    2. Official mailing address (completed)
    3. Installation of dog waste bag stations (completed)
    4. Pool pavilion repairs (completed)
    5. Pool roof gutters cleaned and leaf guards installed (completed)
  8. New Business:
    1. Resignation of two board members
    2. Vote on new Treasurer
    3. Discuss status of contracts
    4. Discuss pool bracelets for next year (do we want to continue with this)?
    5. Unauthorized overnight parking on streets
    6. Trick or Treat hours for Halloween
    7. Residents required to trim tree branches overhanging the roads (lower than 15 ft.)
  9. Next Scheduled Meeting, 8 December 2016 PBUMC Community Center
  10. Adjournment