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Wearing polarized sunglasses when driving in the rain during the day will help a driver see better. Polarized sunglasses work to block horizontal components of scattered or reflected light, which means they help counteract the scattering of light that atmospheric effects like fog or rain have on daylight.

Notice, however, that this ability is limited to polarized sunglasses. Non-polarized lenses won’t do anything other than make the field of vision darker, which means wearing them while driving in the rain would increase the hazard, not reduce it.

One caveat though: Wearing polarized lenses while driving may make LCD dashboard displays quite a bit harder to read.

In a nutshell:

  • Wear polarized sunglasses when driving in rain during the day.   First and foremost, forget about driving in an absolute downpour — instead, get off the road and wait out the storm. However, during light to moderate rainfalls, polarized sunglasses will help the driver see more clearly.
  • Lenses must be polarized.   Despite the e-mail’s assertion that “any model will do,” non-polarized sunglasses will not improve clarity of vision in the rain. Indeed, they will make matters worse.
  • Wear polarized sunglasses when driving in fog during the day.   Get off the road and stay off the road when fog is heavy; but in light to moderate fogs and mists, polarized sunglasses will assist drivers in the same fashion that they do in light to moderate rains.
  • Don’t wear sunglasses while driving at night.   Although polarized sunglasses will help improve clarity of vision during the day in rain or fog, at night they will serve to reduce contrast and thus make a mess of the driver’s depth perception. This practice is foolhardy and dangerous.

Another Tip:
A driver had a rainy day accident when the car suddenly began to hydro-plane and literally flew through the air.   The driver was not seriously injured but stunned at the sudden occurrence!

Bottom line –  NEVER DRIVE IN THE RAIN WITH YOUR CRUISE CONTROL ON.   Because if the control is on, your car tires may lose contact with the road, and your car will accelerate to a higher rate of speed and then control is lost.


12 thoughts on “Thoughts From Residents –

  1. Beware of interlopers in Heron's Forest. says:

    BEWARE: Kenny Parsons had volunteered to come by and nail up tarps after the call went out by our President for volunteers. After I had been out working a few hours, I had to lay down to rest. Then I hear lots of feet on my roof. A group of about four men had arrived and ran off Mr. Parsons. They began putting down rain proof filament across my roof. I had not invited them onto my property, had no Contract with RidgeLine Construction/Roofing Co. They were all Hispanics, did not speak English. Another property owner had come to my door and told me they were at the “wrong” house. I tried to speak with their “foreman” to make him understand. Finally I said for him to call his boss. But, the men kept on working. Soon after one of the laborers fell off the roof into my neighbor’s wall. She is a nurse. The man appeared to have an open head wound. She came out then went back in and came out, applied a cold cloth and told him to sit quietly until the ambulance came. Then Mr. Swindell arrived. I told him I tried to talk to his men, but they do no speak English. I reminded Mr. Swindell, I had NO Contract with Ridge Line, and had only asked for someone to give me an estimate for a new roof. He understood, but his men kept working. Again I reminded him I had NO contract with Ridge Line; that I would NOT be responsible for the labor or materials. His men were at the wrong house.
    I have not had time to perform legal research yet, but let me pass on just what I know from my Contract Law classes:
    Four elements required for the making of any valid contract:
    a) parties possessing the capacity to contract,
    b) mutual consent freely given thereto,
    c) a certain object,
    d) and a lawful purpose.
    Laborers who did not communicate in English and did not represent the legal entity that owns Ridge Line did not have capacity to contract. I was in the house in my bed resting when they arrived. I only came out when I head them on the roof working and a neighbor I did not recognize came to the door.
    There was NO mutual consent freely given to Mr. Swindell, Project Manager. I had never met him and only spoke to “someone” on the phone me asking for an estimate. I also called Freeman’s Roofing after getting a good recommendation from my new neighbor, Jordan who had just weeks ago had a new roof put on.
    No Ridge Line personnel had been invited onto my property to apply any materials where Mr. Kenny Parsons was already on the roof tacking down tarps I had purchased on September 18, 2020 at Harbor Freight, Receipt #711163..
    I had advised Ridge Line foreman to come down to speak to me. Mr. Parsons was no longer there. I told “foreman” to stop working, saying they were at the wrong property. He did not understand.
    There was no legal contract, no offer and acceptance.

  2. thanks Victoria — all the neighbors have been great – we really appreciate where we live!

  3. Victoria Hazelwood says:

    ATTENTION: Because of the flooding from our stream in the Conservation Easement, water moccasins have been seen emerging looking for higher ground. I have seen two swimming by and neighbors saw one between my home and the next door neighbor’s. Don’t leave your garage doors open. Once they crawl in it is very dangerous and hard to get them out. Also advise you children of the danger. Pets are at risk too.

  4. Victoria Hazelwood says:

    I want to thank Mrs. Susan Arnett, Board President, and Spenser Burk for coming to my home to check on me and the damage to my roof. I will be needing a new one, but no structural damages. I am thankful for that. My neighbors next door removed the pile of very large limbs from my front door and down the walkway so I could get out in case of an emergency. Everyone has been so kind and helpful. Nice to see the neighborhood coming together for a common cause, neighbor helping neighbor. May God bless us all. We will get through this together.

  5. how much are your monthly dues??

  6. all you remodelers out there – please share any names of responsible contractors etc. – thanks

  7. Gary Schultz says:

    We are in thee process of becoming new residents to Herons Forest on Grackle Ct. We are planning to do some minor remodeling and wonder if anyone could suggest the name of a electrcian plumber and or a remodeling person to help us since we are new to the area. Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

  8. Jeff Calvert says:

    Once again, looks like I need some help. We lost a charm while walking in the neighborhood – it’s a sterling silver Helzberg “I am Loved” pendant with a CZ stone. It was round and about the size of a dime.

    It has a lot of sentimental value for my wife, though it’s truly not worth much (was one of the free promo items Helzberg’s gave out to try and get you in the store to buy other stuff) but if anyone happens to run across it in a yard or street or trail, we’d love to have it back, as I don’t think I can replace it anywhere.

    I know it’s a long shot ( a tiny pendant lost in a big neighborhood!) but figured it was possible someone may have found it. if anyone has any info, please call Jeff at (913) 638-0254. (I also reiterate – cookies are a distinct reward possibility!)

  9. Jeff Calvert says:

    Happy to report the package was handed back to the mailman today, so we did get it delivered! (Unfortunately, the mailman couldn’t remember where he got it, so my wife doesn’t know who to send the cookies to… 🙂 )

    Lynne, if you (or anyone else with Facebook access) can update facebook to let folks know we got it, I’d appreciate it!

  10. and I will post it on our FaceBook page if not there already

  11. Jeff Calvert says:

    Kind of a long shot, but the Post Office misdelivered a package intended for 10196 Bittern Drive today (5 Feb). If anyone may have received the package by accident, please contact Jeff at (913) 638-0254. The package is medium sized, coming from Baxterboo (a pet supply site – toys for our new puppy!) and the Post Office says it was delivered to a porch at 1:57 PM on the Monday, 5 Feb. I can’t promise a substantial reward, but my wife makes great cookies – getting on her good side never hurts!

  12. Could you please publish the times that Escambia County and private school buses pick up and drop off students near the front gate of Heron’s Forest? This information would be helpful for other drivers to avoid delays exiting from the neighborhood. Thank you!

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