About the Forest

hf_medallionWe are a community of 184 lots, surrounded by Navy Property and Gulf Beach Highway. Highway frontage runs perhaps mile or more of mowed and clipped fence row. White fencing surrounds a heavily planted area with a small gazebo, boasting wooden seats. gazebo What’s inside?

Entry is through a gate, by coded access. Exit gate opens automatically;

Now, count our forested, green and related features:
· 4 planting beds between entry and exit roads
· 3 miles of curbed roadsides (approx. 3.2 miles of roads)
· 6 retention ponds
· 7 street islands
· 2 miles plus of interior trails to keep clear
· deeded access path to the Intercoastal Waterway
· swimming pool complex with tennis courts, planted
· grounds, parking, pool house with bathrooms and
· equipment rooms.
· Grassed and planted common areas along roadsides

Trails: brush, overhanging branches, small bushes, weeds and more are constantly monitored to keep the two or more miles clear.
Two streams flowing E and SE: entire length is conservation area with a need to be kept trimmed of nuisance growth.

This is just a basic outline of our extensive forestry needs. We are unique. To keep this area under control, healthy and in repair requires constant maintenance by residents as well as contract workers.

woodsWe are not a formal garden and have no intentions of challenging the likes of Versailles. We are woods and streams.

The fact of the matter is that we have chosen to live in a naturally wooded community, unlike any other subdivision in this area.

Barbara Anderson 05/13/09

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  1. I am not aware of any maps that have printed. You probably search google earth or maps and find the trails.

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