Last Homeowner Information email from our president passing the torch.

Okay. Here it is, guys.  The last update from this President. 

On Friday, Faithful Pool installed the new filters and a new pump at the pool.  It took a while, but the difference should be quite noticeable going forward.  Thank you for your patience.

The new fence should be installed in the August 24th or 25th timeframe, notwithstanding any storms at that time. The materials are in hand, so we anticipate no other delays.

The pool house, pool decking and sidewalk in the area will be power washed soon, weather permitting. The white fencing and front gate will also be cleaned at that time.

The problematic trees we have identified are scheduled to be felled and removed at the beginning of September.  In addition, the Contractor is scheduled to perform some major cleanup work on the trails in early October, particularly where no work has been done since Hurricane Sally.

Beginning in the last quarter of the year, we will have a vendor work his way through the community renovating the signs and refreshing the paint.

Those projects will conclude the Hurricane related repairs and rehabilitation, and the projects for which we had budgeted for 2021. 

Greg Jonston, the Treasurer, has already budgeted for next year’s projects and will be presenting that information to you either in the September Board Meeting or the December Annual Meeting.

Joe Dillard, currently the Vice-President and ARC Chair, will be stepping into the President role for the balance of my term.  Joe has an impressive resume where being a Board President of a complex HOA is concerned. He has been a trusted sounding board to me the last two years. Greg Jonston, Sean Sharrett and Craig McDonnell, each terrific Board members, will be serving the balance of their terms so there should be no disruption to business as usual.

We will need some volunteers in the community to fill the following roles: Architectural Review Committee (ARC) Chair, ARC Committee member, and one member for the Board of Directors. If you are new to the community, I encourage you to consider volunteering for one of the open positions. This is a close and caring community who appreciate your service and are generous with their own time and talents.  In addition to the Board and the ARC, homeowners are encouraged to join the Finance Committee, Landscape Committee, Security/Neighborhood Watch Committee, Communications Committee or Christmas/Special Event decorating Committee. Some are robust committees and others not so active, so fresh ideas and new faces are always welcome. The current volunteers are extremely generous with their time and cannot be thanked enough for everything they do.

If you are interested in any of these positions, send an email expressing your interest in the positions, along with a brief bio and a statement about how you are qualified. For the ARC positions, send your email to Kenny Parsons at For the Board position, send it to Marcia Sevold at If you want to be on a Committee, send the email to any member of the Board to the emails listed on our Around Herons Forest website.

I thank you, the entire community, for all of your support the past two years.

Susan M. Arnett, Herons Forest Property Owners Association,

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