Homeowner Update 11.12.2020   

Thu, Nov 12, 2020 3:04 pm

HFPOA President (hfpoapresident@gmail.com)To:you DetailsGood afternoon! I have an update for you.

Tree Project

We are on the fourth day of the project and no doubt you have noticed no TriState equipment is in the neighborhood. The Board Members monitoring the project have noticed that the crew sent by the Vendor is not as well suited for the type of work we have in mind. In addition, their equipment was not in good repair.  The work was halted until the Management could provide appropriate personnel and equipment to conduct the work quickly and safely. We are being credited back some of the time spent unproductively the first three days.

The new plan and timing is as follows:

Sat. November 14 – Board Members will walk the neighborhood and prioritize large trees that must be felled.

Tues. through Thurs., November 17th -19th –  A TriState team with experience and expertise taking out large trees will take out the trees in the order identified on the priority list. If they have more time, they will move to the area along Gulf Beach Highway and remove as many identified trees as possible. The large trunks of the trees will be left on Gulf Beach Highway for free pickup by FEMA Contractors, whose services end December 1st.

Mon., Dec 14th through the balance of our 14 days – A TriState team with experience and expertise in trimming and storm-readying trees will go around the entire neighborhood taking down broken limbs and cutting back limbs encroaching on roads, property and into the trails. (The traffic circles are included in this work excepting, of course, the removal of the large trees previously identified.) The debris from this work will be sprayed down the trails and into the traffic circles or other common areas for mulch.

The two disposal methods will save the neighborhood thousands of dollars.

Please be patient with us. We are eating the elephant, slowly but surely, one bite at a time.

Some Observations

If you have trees you are thinking of removing from your property because they are damaged or leaning (and you have ARC approval if warranted by their size), you may want to take advantage of being able to put the cuttings on Gulf Beach Hwy through the end of the month if your tree vendor gives credits for that.

Be prepared to go back soon to ECUA’s guidelines about how many bags of yard debris and the acceptable size of tree and shrub cutting piles can be picked up.

Look for your Annual Meeting Packet within the next week or so. I am seeking advice regarding the type of meeting, since the number of Covid cases in the County are rising.

Belated thanks to all of you veterans, here in Heron’s Forest, for your service, especially to my own veterans.

Susan M. Arnett, Herons Forest Property Owners Association, President

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