This is the working version of the Board’s clean up plan

Hurricane Sally Clean Up Plan

1st 45 days

Trees, by priority

  1. Remove common area trees so damaged as to be an obvious and impending danger of injury or severe damage to a Homeowner’s property. These trees have been identified. We still need a vendor to provide an estimate before we can move forward.
  2. Remove, move or trim, as appropriate, trees that have or will damage common area property. (Most of the trees in this category have been addressed by volunteers, mitigating further damage.)
  3. Remove or move trees impeding the storm water drainage system. (Vendor contacted.)

Hurricane Debris

  1. Work with attorney to obtain the services of Escambia County and FEMA that the rest of the county will receive to remove the debris. (The attorney has been notified. Board members are reaching out to our representatives and the County to ascertain their stance, at this time.)
  2. Debris in the Common Areas will be cleaned up our Landscape Contractor, GPI. (Contractor moved debris around pool to edge of the grass at the curb. Will provide an estimate of costs after a walk around on Tuesday.)

Property Damage

  1. Work with EPM to obtain proposals from qualified vendors required for repairs. (In process.)
  2. Inspect all Common Area assets for damage that has not yet been detected and submit requests to EPM for repairs. (Done during walk-through with the insurance adjuster.)


  1. Contact Pool Vendor to have leaves removed from the pool. (Vendor contract allow hurricane clean-up costs and specific repairs. In this case it is $3,950. This will be paid from insurance proceeds (and Reserve funds if deductible is required). Will have more information mid-week.)
  2. If pool is damaged in any way, close it, if necessary, and have repairs made, otherwise shock and clean it for use. (Repairs, leaf removal, shocking and blowing leaves out of skimmer system included in clean-up costs above. The necessity to close the pool and date not known yet.)

Storm Drains

  1. Request Homeowners bag up as many leaves as possible on their streets, to prevent back-ups and flooding. (Pending discussions with County)
  2. Contact Storm Drain Maintenance Vendor to clear storm drains throughout the neighborhood. (In process.)


  1. Ensure Insurance claims are filed timely. (Claim filed. The Adjuster has recommended complete replacement of pool fence and tennis court fence and repairs only on white fencing along the perimeter of the neighborhood. Deductible for fencing is $4,750 to be paid from Reserve funds. The adjuster noted water intrusion in the pool-house and will evaluate for claims purposes.)
  2. Conduct a survey of the funds expended and funds available for use. (Done.)
  3. Obtain necessary Board votes to access Savings and Reserves where appropriate. (Done)
  4. Issue guidance to Homeowners regarding replacements for damaged property requiring ARC approval. (Done)


Monitor appropriate tree cutting and, the disposal of trees, throughout the neighborhood, including on the Conservation and Wetland areas, as well in Homeowners’ yards. (In process)


Based on the financial impact reported by the Treasurer, prepare a plan for addressing other damage, if any, and clean-up efforts for the following 45 days. (In process)

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