Report of the Emergency Board Meeting 9/25/20 on Hurricane Sally

An Emergency Board Meeting was called on Friday, September 25th at 1pm. Four Board members were present, two absent. During the meeting, we discussed:

1.       The proposed post-hurricane clean up Plan for the first 45 days. The Plan was approved with a few minor changes.

2.       Our current financial condition. We are on track with the budget but do not have adequate cash on hand to reallocate the line items with funding, as they represent contracts for monthly services and utilities. The Board agreed we would need access to the money market funds held for emergencies. The amount approved is subject to submission of a reasonable budget for the most critical work. Included in the items discussed are insurance deductibles, storm drain cleaning, removal of a few trees that are presently a danger to residents. We should have an adequate assessment of those needs by mid-week, this week.

3.        A Special Assessment. The Board agreed that a Special Assessment is likely but will need time to research costs and other issues before we can decide the most reasonable amount to assess. Whether we can get the County to pick up debris, the tree vendor’s estimated number of days needed to address the downed trees and the landscaper’s estimated cost to clean up the common areas are all significant amounts we will need to obtain before going to homeowner’s.

4.       Updates on the status of items on the plan are in in blue ink on the attached Plan. Finally, from a Homeowner please see this timely reminder. I agree with her completely. We do not own that land. Not a good idea.
“Hi Susan!  Not sure if you are still sending out updates or PSAs, if so could you remind everyone that ECUA IS picking up bagged yard waste and there is no need to DUMP them on the highway.  I just went up and pulled out and straightened about 20 bags that were DUMPED haphazardly on the side of the highway’s sidewalk.  My guess is ECUA is not going to sift through branches to pull out yard bags.  I would also think if we just start dumping in front of the community it will promote outsider dumping of more than just yard waste.”

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