Hurricane Sally recovery updates

Hi, all. 
We have a number of vendors contacting homeowners for their recovery services. Some are terrific and others are not. The following is an excerpt from a letter from a Community Association attorney, cautioning Boards. This is good advice to Homeowners as well.
 Be sure to also use the Better Business Bureau or other sources to carefully vet those who seek your business. Check licensing with DBPR ( and with your local authorities and always verify insurance. 
We also have vendors coming around because your insurance companies have hired them to mitigate damage, like covering your roof. They should identify themselves to you and show you proof that they represent your insurance company. If you are in doubt, call your insurance company to verify they do.
Finally, the NAS Pensacola Communications Officer asked me to request all residents stay away from Trout Point until they can address some hazards in and near the water. They will let us know when it is safe to go there again.
A request for repairs to the gate has been made.
Be careful of water moccasins. Some have been cited by homeowners on Rail swimming in the creek, and on the trails.
The tree cutting restrictions without ARC approval remain in place for the time being. If you need expedited approval and you haven’t spoken to the Arc Chair already, you may send your request directly to the ARC email rather than the management co for the next week or so. More about ARC requests coming later today.
Stay safe!

Susan M. ArnettHerons Forest Property Owners Association,

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2 thoughts on “Hurricane Sally recovery updates

  1. sent you an email from my phone — Spencer and also the HOA VP will help as well as Susan but rules have been relaxed.

  2. Joan Ferry says:

    How do icontact the ARC committee for tree removal?