Homeowners Update 06.01.20

Homeowners Update 06.01.20   

Mon, Jun 1, 2020 5:50 pmHFPOA President (hfpoapresident@gmail.com)To:you Details

Hi, Neighbors!

I cannot believe it is June 1st, already!!  Maybe it is a blessing this year is going by so quickly.  Just hate to rush it.

This may go without saying, but the June 3rd Board Meeting has been postponed to June 24th. The attendance information and agenda will be coming out soon. I expect it will be conference call, so we will work out the “rules of engagement” and let you know what those will be, soon.

In the interim, I thought I would bring you up to date with some projects and issues that we are working on:

·       Trash can at Trout Point – the right person at the Navy has been sent a photo of the can and it should be emptied within the next day or two.

·       The contract for the pressure washing of common area curbing has been awarded. We are working on a date that works with our lawn maintenance, trash pickup and their schedule. It will be this month, though.

·       EPM (management company) and I are working on:

o   getting the pool cleaning vendor to fix the skimmer and clean the pool,

o   finding a split rail vendor, so we can mend the fences at three trail heads,

o   finding a vendor to repair the holes in the chain link fence around the tennis court

o   ensuring noncompliant homeowners are reminded of their obligations to the POA.

·       We have awarded a contract for having signage painted but some of the signs are irreplaceable as made. We will be discussing and voting on the signage change strategy and the appearance of some of the signage.

·       We have received a bid for a project to install a drainage curb at the end of the tennis court. It is important to keep water off the courts and from eroding the courts from underneath. We will be voting on that capital expense at the meeting, as well.

From our Landscape Officer, Spencer Burk


 I noticed a fair amount of weeds in the grass.  I spoke to Ensec and they sent someone out to retreat at no cost.  The weeds are now dying.   The grass on rookery looks really good.  We’ve lost that area a number of times in the past, now that it gets more sunlight with trimmed trees it’s starting to thrive.

Pressure Washing:

One other suggestion.  It looks like the bid from Aquatech is really reasonable.  I would suggest that we add the pool patio/deck, pool furniture, and sidewalk in front of the poolhouse if it is within the budget.  Aquatech is really reasonable with add-ons and that really should be a job that is scheduled to be done prior to every Memorial Day to prepare for the summer.

Mosquito Program:

I haven’t seen a mosquito lately so I think it is under control.  If there is any area of the neighborhood where residents feel it is not controlled they are welcome to write Dan directly, he is the owner of ENSEC and actually runs the program.  His email is on the notice posted every week on Facebook.  Susan, perhaps that info can be included in the next neighborhood update letter?

I don’t have anything else that has been on my mind.  It seems our landscaping crew is doing well, and the renovated islands look fantastic.

Spencer Burk

I want to thank our Treasurer, Greg Johnston, for his generous spirit.  He not only volunteered to take the Treasurer position, but he and his wife have removed vines from the tennis court fence and painted signs.  He is also the guy you have been watching fix the gazebo at the front gate and repair the pole holding the gate entry-pad. He has done an outstanding job! Thank you!!!

I want to thank all of you, once again, for your continued care for neighbors and your families with social distancing. We are a lucky neighborhood, to have each other. 

Stay well!

Susan M. Arnett, Herons Forest Property Owners Association, President

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